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okay, so… i’m sorta kinda REALLY excited about today. i have been looking forward to this day ever since i found out about it. i didn’t want to get my hopes up too much, just in case something didn’t work out, but it’s finally here. today is the day. i am on my way to my FIRST ever destination wedding!!!!!  i’ll be on the plane for 7 hours (pray for me haha) and i’m heading to arizona.

EEEPPP!!! there are not enough words in the thesaurus to describe how elated i am about this day. i am so excited and eternally grateful for this amazing opportunity. my cousin is marrying the love of her life and i get to have the honor of capturing their special day. needless to say, i didn’t get much sleep last night. haha. and whoever thought of counting sheep must have been a farmer or something, because that little trick did not work on me. 😉

i pray that this time out there is lived to the fullest. i want to bring God glory the whole time. i want Him to use me and my business for His glory. i want to not worry about anything else, but serving my clients like Jesus served those around Him.

i also want to enjoy the (hopefully) beautiful weather out there! i have never really left the east coast and this is SO EXCITING for a sheltered person like myself! haha.

if you want to keep up with my arizona adventure, feel free to follow me on instagram: vaphotog13

i can’t promise that i post a lot of interesting things on the daily. it’s usually pictures of cute cats, cute kids, or food hahaha. but maybe this trip will spark things up! 🙂

welp, here’s to a lovely wednesday! make the most of it, friends!

p.s. this is not my picture. i found it on google. 😉

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  • Ok u are in the air now…Have a safe peaceful flight. Praying travel mercies over you. C U sometime during the weekend. It’s gonna be such a fun event. Seeing family over a wedding event is so fun…like Ben’s wedding. Wish Sylvia and Robby were gonna be there. Can’t wait to see your photos!

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