first off, i would like to admit that i have no idea what direction this post is going in. i

first off, i would like to admit that i have no idea what direction this post is going in. i have just decided i wanted to write and go where my thoughts take me. hopefully they don’t get me in trouble. that would stink.;)

whenever i think of what to write, i always want it to be mind-blowing! i want people to be like, “WOW! i am so glad i stumbled upon this post! i learned so much and it was very insightful. i wonder what she’ll write about tomorrow.” haha, but alas that doesn’t happen. try as i might i can’t ever muster up the “right” words or the “right” topic to talk about.

for so long, i have been wanting to try my hand at a post to help others in this industry. i get discouraged, though, and say, “maybe later on when i get more experience.” days, weeks, and months pass until i gather up enough courage to try again. just as before, i talk myself out of it. what “experience” do i have? i don’t have that much business knowledge to help others. i’m not an expert with my camera. i’m not a mogul in this industry. who am i to offer advice? i’m just a newbie, no one would respect what i say. maybe down the road when i earn more “street cred” haha. yeah, that sounds about right. THAT is when i’ll speak out.

so here i am, back at it again. i have that URGE to help. i want to be a voice of encouragement. i want to cheer others on and help them. i know i am new to this super-awesome-freakin’-fantastic world of photography, but i LOVE it. i eat, sleep, drink, and DREAM about it. i have only been in the business part of it “officially” for almost a year. i still have a LOT to learn and i hope i never stop learning. i just want to share my experience along the way. i want to encourage others along the way. i want be a good example of Jesus’ love along the way. i feel like helping and encouraging others is a good way to show that.

i mean, in high school i was a cheerleader. i may not have been a LEGIT cheerleader since i went to a small private school that didn’t even have a football team, haha, but i was a cheerleader nonetheless and loved cheering on my team. i also felt like a cheerleader when i played volleyball. like most sports (and other things in life), when you start out you have to EARN your spot. i didn’t get to play on the court that much my first season, but i learned a lot by cheering on my team from the sidelines. i feel like i’ve learned a lot by cheering on other photographers in this industry as well. plus, isn’t it better to build others up than to hate on each other? that’s my outook anyway.

so, while i may not be the best, i still feel like i can encourage others along the way. that can be my way of
giving back, right? i hope so! 🙂

one thing i try to do every day is leave comments on people’s blog posts. i feel that is a great way to encourage one another. when i get a comment on my blog, MAN, it feels like i got a birthday present! haha. it makes me feel so special that not only did someone READ my blog, they actually FELT something that made them comment on it. now it might not feel like this for everyone, but i’m sure they do appreciate getting a blog comment ESPECIALLY if it’s positive and uplifting. who wouldn’t?!

so my goal for myself and challenge for you, is to comment on at least 5 blogs every day!!! it’s not that hard, won’t take very long at all, and will probably make at least one person smile. only do it if you want to and are being genuine! if you like someone’s work don’t be afraid to tell them how much you love it. you could really make their day! 🙂 are you up for it?!

therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing [1 thessalonians 5:11].

and JUST IN CASE this post needed some flava, here are some throwbacks to my cheering days. again, don’t judge. i went to a teeny-tiny private school. look at our amazing uniforms!

our “b” was stuck on to our uniforms using velcro. we are SO COOL!

dancing to the “space jam.” now you have to admit, that song is pretty cool. or am i the only one who thinks that? haha.

ladies and gents, i was in fact, able to do the splits back in the day! HEY NOW!

and if our uniforms weren’t embarrassing enough, our high school mascot was the bearcat. haha. pretty ferocious, if i do say so myself. GRRRRR-MEOW?

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  • ahhhh yes, the good old velcro B’s…seems like forever ago 😛 It made it so much more exciting tho when we did finally get legit uniforms 🙂 I wouldn’t trade those days for anything….forgot just how many uniforms we actually had haha! You’re awesome Ashley, keep up the great work <3

  • oh my goodness!! i remember that dance and cheering back then and i still have that uniform!! oh the memories!!

  • This post definitely inspired me. I think it’s so important to encourage others- you never know the impact it might have. It always feels good to know someone believes in you! By the way- for a newbie…you’re pretty awesome!

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