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This post is pretty self-explanatory. This is me, the person behind the camera. I’m a complete dork. But you probably already knew that!

Please be patient with me as I tried to make really corny jokes just so you can crack a smile. 🙂


“So… a horse walks in to a bar… SO funny, right?!” 🙂 V.A. Photography_1616DETAILS! 🙂
V.A. Photography_1618“Allow me to hold your dress, m’lady!” V.A. Photography_1620Love this pretty lady! So thankful for all of her help this season! V.A. Photography_1647V.A. Photography_1619Scaling the wall like Spiderman to hang the dress! 😉 V.A. Photography_1621Crouching Photographer Hidden DragonV.A. Photography_1623Me just third wheelin’ their date! 😉 V.A. Photography_1625Those SHOES!V.A. Photography_1622
That’s me loving what I do!
V.A. Photography_1626Don’t mind me, just invading your personal space here! 🙂 V.A. Photography_1627Rockin’ the Elsa braid! I just can’t seem to “Let it Go.” 😉 V.A. Photography_1629V.A. Photography_1628
V.A. Photography_1630And then you put your hand upon your hip…  and when I dip, you dip, we dip! Ya know, the usual! V.A. Photography_1624V.A. Photography_1631Love these two!!! V.A. Photography_1632My cute friend, Carly, being an awesome assistant in PA! 1921046_707713589306974_6550855281485017343_oMy last wedding of 2014!
V.A. Photography_1633V.A. Photography_1646

V.A. Photography_1637Loved working with this guy! Can’t wait to see his video from Amanda and Josh’s big day! V.A. Photography_1634V.A. Photography_1638I’m gonna back away slowly and hope they don’t run after me!
V.A. Photography_1636Yay! Rachel is the best and I’m so glad she was able to adventure with me this year! 🙂 V.A. Photography_1648🙂 🙂 🙂 V.A. Photography_1639V.A. Photography_1635Professional Photo Bomber V.A. Photography_1649This is when my strap was still pretty and not broken. V.A. Photography_1640Go Paul! V.A. Photography_1643Thanks to my sister for helping out! Can’t wait to kick off 2015 with you! V.A. Photography_1641Thanks, Sharon, for this shot during your mentoring session! V.A. Photography_1642I guess my joke about the summer warmth wasn’t very funny since it was actually 40 degrees! 😉 V.A. Photography_1644The end! 🙂 V.A. Photography_1645

Thank you so much to Danielle, Rachel, Laura, and Elizabeth for helping me out this year and grabbing some fun shots of me! I appreciate you guys so much and loved working with y’all! 🙂

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  • Love these shots that reflect you but u are a fly on the wall at these weddings…a great non-intrusive quality of a great photographer!!! Love you..and got to see you twice in unfamiliar settings for you. Welcome to the West…come back…bring sisters with you!

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