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with the sun wrapping me up in its warmth and my friends by my side, saturday was such a great day!

for me, birthdays are either a hit or a miss. i’ll either get super excited about the day and then  my plans will switch leaving me disappointed. OR i’ll just have an expectation about it being super fabulous and it only being kinda ordinary haha. is anyone else like that? or i’m i all alone? i think i’ve watched way too many movies where a fun surprise party was planned with johnny depp popping out of the cake (or maybe that’s just me! haha). either way, i just need to go with the flow on my birthdays and just enjoy whatever comes my way because saturday was so much fun! as long as i’m surrounded by my loved ones, that’s all that matters!

my friends and i grabbed sandwiches and had a picnic outside at the zoo! then we wandered around and explored all of the fun animals! i could have stayed their all day. it was so fascinating to watch them and see how they interacted with each other! maybe i’ll look into zoology! 😉 hehe kidding!

it was such a beautiful sunshiny day! the perfect day for a birthday! after the zoo, we had my favorite food for dinner (well, besides chick-fil-a;) – MEXICAN FOOD! haha. seriously, you can’t go wrong if a meal starts with chips and salsa! 😉

we even squeezed in a mini-photo shoot, played bananagrams and watched FROZEN!!!! eeeeppp!!! yes, i do realize this is more along the speed of a 5-year-old’s birthday, but it was still super fun! maybe next year i’ll have one fit for a 6 year old! 😉

welp, here’s a peek into how my birthday went!


meet raphael and his son! ninja turtles anyone?2014-04-14_0002i love how the monkey on the left has his arms crossed.


i love giraffes!

that parrot totally talked to us when we walked by. he kept saying, “hello!” and don’t ya just wanna take that kangaroo home? too cute!2014-04-14_00102014-04-14_0011

zebras are my fave!2014-04-14_0015

my 2 favorite birds: peacocks and flamingos! 2014-04-14_0016

oh my gosh! this little guy was too cute!!!! 2014-04-14_0017

the “baby” cheetah cubs! you can watch their cheetah cam! i watched it back in december when they were just born and they were so cute! they’ve grown so much in those few short months!2014-04-14_0020

does he want to “move it, move it?”


okay, so the warthog on the left was in hiding until we started singing to him. we may or may not have belted out some tunes from the lion king haha. whatever works! 😉2014-04-14_0022

this otter was so cute!!!2014-04-14_00232014-04-14_0025

now for the mini-photo session! my friends are such babes!2014-04-14_00262014-04-14_00272014-04-14_00282014-04-14_00292014-04-14_00312014-04-14_0030

and this is because we wanted to reenact a picture from our longwood days! haha. we’re so cool! 😉 2014-04-14_0033

aren’t they the best?!2014-04-14_00342014-04-14_0035

happy birthday to me! my face was a little red from the birthday song! 🙂2014-04-14_0036


  • Looks like it was great fun! Know it was a blessing. Love the pictures & the animals.

  • I love the little animal on the fence….was he protecting his environment or communicating with the human? CUTE

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