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Christmas really is one of the best times of year. one thing that i look forward to all year is getting to snuggle up on the couch and get lost in one of my favorite Christmas movies. some of these movies have been classic favorites since i was a little girl, while some of these movies are new to my collection. because i LOVE movies so much and love Christmas movies, i decided to share my top 10 favorites. i would love to know what your favorites are as well! 🙂

1. it’s a wonderful life: this is my all time favorite Christmas movie. my dad, sisters, and i have been going to the byrd theater (the $2 theater in richmond) for several Christmases now. we started that tradition when i was in college. we end each Christmas night  singing Christmas carols with a movie theater filled with people and watching it’s a wonderful life on the big screen. it’s one of my favorite Christmas traditions and i never want it to end.


2. a Christmas story. i don’t know about y’all, but it doesn’t truly feel like Christmas in my house without the melodious sound of “you’ll shoot your eye out” on repeat in the background. as long as i can remember, i’ve watched a Christmas story marathon on tv every single Christmas. there are so many classic scenes from this movie. probably my most favorite scene is when ralphie gets his mouth washed out with soap because of the curse words he said. i think it’s so funny when the mom is on the phone explaining to the other kid’s mom where he heard those words from and you hear her go ballistic on the other end. hahahaha. i don’t why but that scene always makes me giggle.


3. charlie brown christmas: another Christmas classic. i think the older i’ve gotten, the more i’ve grown to appreciate charlie brown’s sense of humor. no matter how many times i’ve seen this movie, it’ll still be a favorite. 🙂


4. national lampoon’s christmas vacation: oh clark griswold! this movie is funny on so many levels and definitely another one i’ve come to appreciate more the older i’ve gotten. i love all of the family dynamics! reminds me so much of my own! 😉


5. polar express: this movie definitely makes me feel like a kid again. it brings back the innocence of Christmas for me and lets me experience the magic of Christmas, as if i were little again. plus, i think this movie would make a wicked roller coaster!


6. the santa clause: i remember watching this movie when i was younger and wanting the hot chocolate santa had on his sleigh. no hot chocolate could ever measure up, because that always looked so delicious haha. weird, but true.


7. jingle all the way: while this movie may be a little silly, you can’t beat this fun duo! i love all the trouble arnold goes through to get turbo man for his kid! fun fact: sometimes i get confused and call iron man, turbo man. i know, all my super-hero-loving boys at school would think i’m so uncool for getting these two mixed up!


8. mickey’s: a christmas carol: i know there are so many other versions of this story, but this has always been my favorite one. can’t go wrong with mickey! 😉


9. eloise christmas: again, this movie makes me feel like such a kid! it’s so heart warming and fun! oh to live the life of eloise!


10. 8 crazy nights: now maybe this isn’t *technically* a Christmas movie, but it’s close enough and i get to celebrate hanukkah. it’s a win/win! 🙂 plus, i love adam sandler and this movie doesn’t disappoint. my sisters and i still quote it regularly throughout the year! 😉

Eight Crazy Nights (8)

i hope you guys get the chance to watch some of these movies this Christmas. are any of your favorites in this list? what is YOUR favorite Christmas movie?

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