here i am. procrastinating. i should be in bed trying to sleep for my big weekend. instead, i’m in bed

here i am. procrastinating. i should be in bed trying to sleep for my big weekend. instead, i’m in bed watching reruns of friends, talking to justin, and editing pictures. exciting right? maybe not to you, but to me it is. 🙂

that’s what i’ve been contemplating a lot about lately. i am WAY guilty of the comparison. there are SO MANY awesome photographers out there. i get caught up in drooling over their work and getting all green-monster over them. NOT COOL. and i think just because it works for them to do something a certain way that it’ll be the same case for me. wrong. God made all of us different for a reason. yes, we may have the same interest but we were made to fill certain aspects of that. we’re artists for a reason. nothing should be the same. we should all be unique and embrace our own creativity.

don’t get me wrong. it’s great to respect other photographers and people who inspire you, but don’t compare what you do with what they do. that’s what i love about photography. you can have one subject and it can be interpreted in SO MANY different ways. THEN it can be edited differently and it all reflects back on the person who created that image in the first place. so cool. then why on earth do i always forget that? haha.

long story short: stop the comparison game. it gets you nowhere and only dulls your own shine. be nice to each other and let’s encourage everyone. we’re all artists. we love what we do. let’s not forget that. we all had to start somewhere right?

haha. hopefully i’ll be able to remember this. whoever reads this i hope you have a wonderful day. take the time to encourage someone today. it could make all the difference! 🙂

oh, and here’s a peek of a super sweet family who is OBSESSED with the packers! 😉

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  • I once heard someone say “Comparison is the thief of joy.” It’s so true! I get caught up ALL the time looking at what other photographers are doing, and it makes me forget how richly blessed I already am.

  • Healthy comparison keeps me driven. I think obsessing over it is unhealthy but I can’t NOT look at the next person and secretly think, I can do that. Makes me try harder, makes me do new things and appreciate the struggle to get there. It’s all a balance. You’re doing great.

  • SO true! I am taking a class right now on creativity, and one of the best things I’ve gotten from it is the idea of “there is more than one right answer.” It comes from a video from a photographer for National Geographic that I think you would love: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dmje4Mp8vps (ignore the subtitles :))

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