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sometimes i wish i were an ostrich. i wish i could be an ostrich so when something terrible happens, i could just hide my head under the sand and forget about it all. wouldn’t that be so much easier than dealing with the every-day tragedies we face?

after watching some of the coverage on the devastating tornadoes, i can’t even fathom what is going through the minds of those affected. such a powerful force of nature caused so much destruction in a matter of minutes. nobody saw it coming and the damaging effects will haunt everyone forever.

it just hurts to think about this. i feel like every day there is something horrific that happens and it breaks my heart. with sandy hook and boston still fresh in our hearts, this stings just as much. when heart break happens, i don’t want to live on this earth anymore. i want to escape to my home in heaven and not deal with this tragic life.

while national tragedies hurt to the core, there are our own personal heartaches we deal with on a daily basis. from the loss of loved ones to deteriorating health, broken families and financial troubles, this world is NOT easy. we fight our own battles everyday, but we CAN’T do it on our own. it’s impossible. the weight of this world will destroy us.

i know speaking about my God can sometimes offends people. there was a picture of a teacher holding a child during the tornadoes in oklahoma and someone said, “God bless him.” this one sentence offended so many people, saying that we should leave God out of it. i believe that we need God more than ever, ESPECIALLY in a time like this. when our world is broken and tragedy surrounds us we need God more than ever. i know i do.

i’m sure this post will probably offend some of my readers, but it’s coming from my heart and i need to say it. when i go through hard times, i NEED God. when i go through a normal day, i NEED God. heck, even when things are going fine and dandy, i NEED God. He is the only One who can help me when trouble encompasses my world.

in times like this, i find comfort in His words and KNOW that one day, everything will be okay because of Him.

so do not fear, for I am with you;
do not be dismayed, for I am your God.
I will strengthen you and help you;
I will uphold you with My righteous right hand.

[isaiah 41:10]



  • Preach it sistah! You are absolutely right, Ashley. We need God in good and bad times.

  • This is why I love you to pieces and why you’re my BPF! NEVER separate your faith from your business. God is in control and we owe it all to Him! So proud of you! Xoxo

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