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after attending my mentoring session with sharon elizabeth photography (which i would definitely recommend for anyone wanting to grow their photography business), the wheels have been turning in my head big time! which reminds me, i still need to write a post about my experience with. but i’ll save that for another day. 😉

one of the many topics sharon and i talked about was what the ideal client looked like to me. ever since my time with her, i’ve been trying to wrap my head around what my “dream” client would look like to me! thankfully, i work with amazing clients already (not trying to brag, but it’s true!). i love the wonderful couples i get to work with! so, a lot of this brainstorming has just been a big reflection on the people i already have the pleasure of working with.

sharon wrote a great post about clients who are searching for a wedding photographer. she talked about people price searching and trying to find a photographer who fits in their budget, but she recommended to search for a photographer who you have a connection with. this is something that i totally agree with. just because a photographer is more “price friendly” doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll be the best fit for you on your wedding day.


sometimes people don’t take in to consideration how much time your wedding photographer actually spends with you on your big day. in most cases, i spend more time with the bride and groom on their day than anyone else. i’m with them through the getting ready stages to seeing each other for the first look and all the way to the end of the night through their grand exit. i believe that finding a photographer you have a connection with is so imperative. that’s why i’m a firm believer in finding someone you fit with and can be yourself around!


here’s what you can expect from me (the photographer) at your wedding: 

– when i first see you, i will probably squeal and act giddy from excitement because your big day is finally here!

– i will cry! the real question is when. it either happens during the getting ready process (when you put your dress on), when your parents see you for the first time, when you and your groom have your special moment together, during the vows, the father/daughter dance, the toasts, or most likely ALL OF THE ABOVE.

– you will feel like i’m just another friend who also happens to be taking pictures too!

– i will be really excited and calm all at the same time. i will help you stay positive during your day and avoid you from stressing out!

– if the cupid shuffle or the wobble starts to play through the speakers, you can count me in! i will be dancing along with you and having so much fun!

– i will constantly be checking on you. need gum? got it! need something to quench your thirst? sure thing! that’s what i’m there for! 🙂

-i might ask you to do something totally crazy, but it will be completely worth it! if i ask you to sit down on the ground, i promise i’m not doing it to make your dress dirty. i love bringing your story to life and sometimes that requires doing something a little out of the box. just check this it out! 

– i will act like a complete fool just so you can have a genuine smile in your pictures! 🙂

– i’ll give you a hug when i get there; a hug if you’re nervous; a hug when you’re all excited; a hug when you’re leaving. gah! if you need a hug, i’ll be there! it’ll be like a full house episode! ahahaha.

– i will pour my heart out into your day. i will give you all of me. 110%. my job is to serve you and give you all that i can! i will leave your wedding drop-dead exhausted and have a wedding “hangover” the next day, but my heart will be so full. nothing else will matter!

so there it is! that’s a piece of what you can expect from me on your wedding day! 🙂

stay tuned for a post about what i expect from you! 😉


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