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i have been meaning to do a post on “the little things” in life that put a smile on my face. i’m hoping there will be more of these posts and it will turn into a series! maybe?! we’ll see!!! i always find cool little things i become slightly obsessed with, so this would be a fun way to showcase them and MAYBE get y’all hooked as well!blogpost_littlethings2

for this post, i wanted to talk about some fitness things i’ve collected over the past few weeks! they’re really fun! of course, the purple doesn’t hurt either! i really do have a slight obsession with that color! haha.

1.  workout shoes – when i first joined the gym back in january, i had to borrow my mom’s shoes until i had the time to go buy my own. WELL, i ended up borrowing her shoes until just a few weeks ago because i’ve been SO busy. i’m so glad i finally had time to stop and get some shoes because they are so much more comfortable! they are a much better fit for me and help me go all out in zumba!!!

2.  cardio hoop – who didn’t like to hula hoop as a kid? i always loved it!!! i get so jealous of the kiddos at school who get to use them (they’re too small for my hips! haha). soooo i went out and bought the “grown-up” version! this really is such a fun way to do cardio!!! it’s a weighted hula hoop and really works the abs! i love it! i can even do it while watching tv! it’s the best! 🙂

3.  camelbak – this thing is the best!!!! i bring my camelbak with me EVERYWHERE!!! i really have a bad habit of not drinking that much water, but because of this water bottle i drink at least 2-3 of these bottles a day! i think having the straw makes it easier/more convenient to drink. i was a little hesitant at first about spending $15 on a water bottle, but it is totally worth it! i drink so much more and i can use it over and over (as long as i don’t lose it! ;).

these are “the little things” in my life that make things more fun. don’t worry. not all of these posts will be super nerdy with fitness equipment haha. i just wanted to share how awesome these products were!

do you have a favorite fitness treat? i would LOVE to know your thoughts! 🙂

happy thursday!!!

p.s. i’m soooo hoping the bad storms hold off this afternoon. i’m supposed to have a family shoot (that’s been rescheduled around 4 times because of the crazy VA weather). *fingers crossed* it holds off! 🙂

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  • a Big ball, a small ball, a bosu, rubber tubing, stretchy bands, a barre, dumbbells, reformer, pilates chair, mat 🙂 Just a few fitness things I like. And of course, Lululemon and Lucy clothing:)

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