last week, i had the honor of taking the kids school pictures for the summer. we had so much fun

last week, i had the honor of taking the kids school pictures for the summer. we had so much fun and got some great smiles! i really liked it because i felt it helped a lot because i knew the kids and they could feel comfortable with me. one little boy was so cute when i asked him to smile. he did this huge under bite grin and squinted eyes. i knew that wasn’t his real smile. i told him to show me his transformer smile instead and he gave me the cutest smile i’ve ever seen. it was so precious! here are some of the pictures i can show you. i hope you enjoy these beautiful smiles as much as i do. they are so sweet and i wish i could show you all of them! πŸ™‚

this is Β brooklynn! she is a superstar! she was a complete natural behind the camera. i love this little girl so much. she is so sassy. she is also a new big sister and does a wonderful job. she is such a beautiful girl and i hope you enjoy her pictures! πŸ™‚

check out this pretty baby-blue eyes! she is so stunning!

this is her silly face! πŸ˜›

this is her cute puppy she wanted to include in her pictures. πŸ™‚

this is sweet little landon. he is such a cutie and always gives me lots of hugs. in the summer he turns a nice golden bronze (so jealous). i had the pleasure of taking pictures of him and his brother seth, below.! πŸ™‚

awwwwww! such cute brothers! i had the pleasure of taking their family pictures back before christmas! πŸ™‚

this sweetheart is kate! she is an absolute cutie and a grown up in a kid’s suit. she acts so growny and can definitely talk to you better than some adults haha. i love her and i hope you do too! doesn’t she have the cutest face ever?!

look at that sweet and innocent smile! precious!

these two gorgeous girls are teagan and riley! these twins are new to the preschool but have quickly found a place in my heart. although they are twins, they have completely opposite personalities. teagan is very quiet and likes to follow the rules, while riley is very outgoing and makes her own rules. πŸ˜‰ they are so cute and a couple of characters for sure! i love their cute sister bond. when you see the pictures of them together, be prepared for the “awwww” factor. it’ll get ya. πŸ˜‰

i love how she wrinkled her nose!Β 

see what i mean! AWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! πŸ™‚

sister love!

meet sophie! she is usually very, but super sweet. when i began taking pictures she surprised me! she busted out her model moves! this girl has sass and a half. i would have never expected sweet little sophie to transform behind the camera like this. mad props girlfriend! she is beautiful and rocked these pictures for sure! πŸ™‚

this is leah. she is so sweet. every day i walk in to school she ALWAYS gives me a hug. she is such a sweet and gentle spirit. i love love love her! πŸ™‚

this is leah’s sister, hannah. she is also very sweet and so beautiful too! that family has good genes! haha. i hope you enjoy their super cute pictures. ahhhh. i can’t believe i get to do this! this is a dream and never feels like work!

look at those cute freckles! πŸ™‚

awwwww! i just love this picture of them! adorable goodness! πŸ™‚

meet kelsey! she is a little adult as well. i was so surprised by her vocabulary. she was talking to me one day and goes, “well actually…” i was blown away! so cute! enjoy her princess pictures coming up. she is a little princess indeed! πŸ™‚

such a cute smile! πŸ™‚

this is marin! this little cutie did not want to smile for her pictures at all haha. she was way too fascinated with the background than with the camera. thankfully i snapped a couple of shots with her making cute faces. i think these worked out just fine. πŸ˜‰

stay tuned for more cute pictures of my sweeties! be sure to stay updated here!

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  • I love these pictures with you telling about their personalities… You captured… Or nailed… The perfect pictures. Adorable.

  • Love the pictures of my grandsons, Seth and Landon! You are good girl!

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