let’s be honest. photography is on my brain a good majority of the time. i can’t help it. i’m SO


let’s be honest. photography is on my brain a good majority of the time. i can’t help it. i’m SO EXCITED about it. it’s my passion and i’m always looking for ways to grow. after attending the katelyn james workshop experience, it was just the boost i needed. a breath of fresh air. i was inspired. i have a LOT of ideas that i want to incorporate into my business.

here are a few ideas that i would like to incorporate into my business. i feel like they will always help me grow and keep me on my toes! some are more of goals for myself to achieve and some are just ideas i’d like to try. here they are:

  • attend at least one workshop/conference a year. once i was FINALLY able to attend the katelyn james workshop ( i feel like i’ve been looking forward to going forever haha), i have made a new goal. i think, for me, it is completely beneficial to attend a workshop or conference every year. i am totally okay with this because there are SO MANY that i would like to attend (hello justin and mary! also, WPPI!). i am on my way to completing that goal for next year as well. i have already signed up to be a part of the pursuit 31 conference in georgia! i can’t wait!!!!!!!! 🙂 seriously, i feel like doing this is so great for a business. you get to make other friends in the industry, learn a new twist on how you approach things, and get inspired from amazing people in the world of photography. yes, sometimes they’re an investment, but TOTALLY worth it. i learned SO MUCH at the workshop and would pay for it all over again! coming from a penny-pincher like me, that’s so a lot! 😉
  • book 12-15 weddings. this may be out of my reach for where i am right now, but i would love to achieve this goal. i had the pleasure of photographing 8 beautiful weddings this year and i LOVED it. i LOVE weddings. they are so much fun and probably one of my favorite parts of photography. i love being a part of such an important day. i love experiencing the journey with my couples and being with them every step of the way. i feel like i get so attached to my brides and grooms and get JUST as emotional as they do on the special day haha. i hope that never changes. each wedding is special and i get excited about ALL of them. i want to expand more this year and would LOVE to have the opportunity to photograph more weddings. i’m serious. i get JUST as excited as if it were my own wedding haha. i really hope i get the honor of sharing more special days in the future. 🙂
  • get branded. trust me. this is not as gruesome as it sounds haha. think of it like this: when you see a little apple with a bit out of it, what do you think of? APPLE products, right? that’s their brand. pretty cool to be known for that image. that’s what the beauty of branding does. for a photographer to get branded, the designer takes what is represent by you and transforms it into your own personal brand. you get a website that is ALL YOU. i’m excited about what’s to come in this area and look forward to sharing more with you in the future. 🙂
  • get a better handle on the technical side of my business. i promise. i really am working on this area, it’s just not my expertise. haha. i was terrible at math in school. i spent more time doodling and daydreamin’ (which i regret now, obviously haha). that is definitely a big goal for next year. ready to face this head on! 🙂
  • do more styled shoots. i have so many ideas planned and i never put them into motion. this needs to change. that’s another goal for next year. i need to make these ideas come to life. there. i said it. now i have to be held accountable. hold me to it! i have a lot of awesome ideas i’m sure y’all might like! 😉
  • keep God at the center. this should be a n0-brainer, but more often than not is forgotten. now, i know not everyone agrees with this way of thinking and that’s okay. for me, He is the only way i survive. He is the sole reason why this business started in the first place. i believe if i keep Him at the center of my business (and my life), i’ll never fail. everything will go according to His plan and will ultimately work out for the best. no worries! ♥
so there you have it. these are some of my business goals for 2013. get ready! and hey now! 2013? i just got used to writing out 2012. now it’s gonna change again haha. here’s to the future and the beauty of dreams that lie ahead!




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  • These are such great goals! I’m definitely going to try the one conference a year one. Excited for you! =)

  • Ashley, I think you have some good goals for the new year and I agree with all 6 of them!
    The two goals that I think you should add to your list are:
    1) Write a business plan… This is basically nothing more than your goals over a 3-5
    year period. It is proven that companies who have written business plans are more
    successful because it keeps you focused… Make your business plan a living document
    that you can continue to update as you need to… i.e. In 2 years, I want to be booking
    18 weddings a year.. In 3 years, I want to do my photography business full time… In
    5 years I want to be making $50,000 per year in my business… You can do it, just believe
    in yourself and trust that God will help you do it!
    2) Start networking…. Word of mouth and having a website is okay to get started with.. But
    your idea of branding is where you want to go and when you do, then network your brand
    and yourself. If you will get plugged into local networks you can increase your business
    by 20-30% your first year..

    I hope this helps and I wish you much success…. You are a talented and gifted photographer
    and if you will “never never settle” haha… OR “never never give up” you will become all that
    God wants of you and what you want of yourself.

    • that is so funny about the first goal you mentioned for me to add. i was totally talking about that yesterday! i definitely need to do that for sure, because going full time is something i would love to do! the 2nd one is great too! i need to be more outgoing and less awkward haha. if i can ask you one question, what we be a good way to get plugged in to a group and network?

      thank you so much for your advice. i don’t know who you are, but i really value what you’ve said! thank you so much! you’re a blessing! 🙂

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