11 years ago today, i remember the moment well. amanda, alexi, and i were with some family friends. we gathered

11 years ago today, i remember the moment well. amanda, alexi, and i were with some family friends. we gathered around a table at our favorite mexican restaurant (still a favorite today). we had just ordered our food when we got the call. our new sibling was on their way and interrupting our lunch. it was time to peace out! we packed up our food, and even some innocent forks (accidentally). we rushed to the car barely containing our excitement. we were getting a new member to the family!!! would it be a boy or a girl?! we would soon find out.

when we arrived to the hospital, we were greeted by our dad. he lead us into the room where our mom and new sibling were. we walked in and could barely contain our excitement, WHAT WAS IT?! as we approached the bed, we finally asked. we had a new baby sister. her name was veronica ariel link. i remember that was the first time i ever cried from being happy. it was an odd feeling haha.

i remember when my parents first told us that ariel was on her way. our reactions were priceless. i kept laughing because i thought it was a joke. amanda started crying because somehow she had that gut feeling that ariel would be born around her birthday (the day after to be exact hehe). alexi was not phased by the news until ariel arrived. i remember alexi was SO MAD in all of the pictures we took the day we brought ariel home. she was no longer the baby haha. that scowl is forever immortalized haha. i’ll have to find one of those pictures to show y’all sometime haha.

anyway… WOW! i can’t believe all of that was 11 years ago. man, i am getting so old. mehhhh. let’s not talk about my age haha. happy birthday ariel! i hope your day is wonderful! thank you for being a little miracle. i know we pick on you, but we only do it out of love! i love you more than you know! happy birthday sweet and beautiful, sister! 🙂

now, here are some fun pics. enjoy! 🙂



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  • Happy Birthday Mis Ariel!!! 😉 Hope your day was extra special.

    Enjoyed the photos Ash-Dash. Hugs and Kisses to you all!

    Aunt Nance

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