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phew!!! i survived!!! i officially made it!!! i completed my first ever double-wedding-weekend extravaganza!!!!!!! it was amazing and i loved it!!! but now, all i want to do is sleep hehe. it hurts to even walk up the stairs haha. they weren’t lying when they said you’d feel like you got hit by a train. totally worth it, though. and i would do it again in a heartbeat!

both weddings were wonderful! i really do feel like part of the family when i’m photographing a wedding. i’m so thankful to be trusted enough to share in these important moments and capture their valuable memories that will be treasured from years to come. it worried me that doing this back to back might make me numb to the whole experience and desensitized to the emotions that go into a wedding. honey, that was far from the truth!!! i loved every moment of it! i felt like i vocalized that a lot throughout the day, too haha. i kept saying, “i love weddings! this is awesome! a dream come true!” hehe. just ask. 😉 it’s so true! i love every part. i love when the bride and girls are getting ready. i love trying to get the groomsmen to relax and laugh during pictures. i love seeing the bride in her dress for the first time and that moment of “WOW, this is really happening” hitting her face. i love the giggles between friends and emotional moments when they realize how monumental this time in their lives is. i love when the bride and groom share the vows with each other and can barely contain the tears. i’m right there with them haha. i love the support from friends the couple gets. i love the toasts and the traditions. i love the look on the groom’s face when he first lays eyes on his beautiful bride. i just LOVE weddings and i LOVE this job. it’s such a special moment to be a part of and i never want to take it for granted. i am so blessed.

also, i had amazing brides this weekend. both weddings were the bomb dot com. i seriously can’t wait to get their pictures edited to show you all a peek into their special day!

well, here’s to surviving another week! i’m just glad i’m still kickin’! haha. it was rough getting up even today! plus, yesterday i went and walked around at the fair haha. probably not my smartest decision, but i really wanted to go!!!

anywho… happy monday! blessings to you all! 🙂


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