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my heart is so full.

it is filled with: precious hugs and kisses, melodious laughter, sweet smiles, and unforgettable memories.

almost two years ago exactly, i started work at the preschool just 10 minutes down the road from my house. i had just graduated longwood and was contemplating grad school. i would need a part time job and began looking. my youth pastor recommended me to a lady he had met at the gym. he mentioned she was the director of a preschool and i should look into it. i ended up e-mailing her and was pleasantly surprised (and nervous) when she asked me to come in for an interview. my timid self, gussied up and went to my first interview. i was SO nervous. thankfully, the lady was really kind and i wasn’t nervous anymore.

not long after, that lady became my boss. mrs. bakken offered me a job and the rest was history. what was only supposed to be an occasional subbing job, quickly became an afternoon 3’s teacher and storytime teacher. WOW! reflecting back, it’s crazy to see how God made those connections and worked everything out. i was searching so hard for a job, but nothing would work out. in His timing, something awesome happened!

over the past 2 years, i have become a professional booger wiper, boo-boo kisser, hot-dog maker (that’s what i call it when i wrap the kids up in their blankets), hair stylist, airplane maker, master colorer, kid’s yoga guru, dance party enthusiast, and storyteller.

we flew airplanes until we got in trouble.

we danced around to justin bieber and shouted the lyrics to katy perry’s “firework”.

we read literary classics like: skippyjon jones, don’t let the pigeon drive the bus, and pete the cat (all of my favorites).

we painted with our toes.

and spaghetti.

and bubbles.

i learned that kids poop a lot.


i got to act like a kid every day.

some of my best friends are 3 years old.

a zit on my face was just a boo boo to them.

i learned that candy is the best form of bribery.

i never felt unloved when i was at school (they would tackle me as soon as i walked in the gate). 🙂

after 2 amazing years at redeemer, tomorrow marks the end of my journey there. it is time for me to get a “big girl” job (ya know, with benefits). don’t worry. i won’t be straying too far. i’ll be working at a preschool in the junior kindergarten class. God works in mysterious ways. while i’ve been wrestling with my emotions all week about leaving my school, i know God needs me at the other school. He has plans for me and i need to trust Him (duh). it doesn’t make it any easier, though.

i have been very nostalgic this week. every other sentence that has come out of my mouth has been, “remember when…”. needless to say,  today is going to be rough. i have learned SO MUCH these past two years. i have met amazing friends, wonderful families have welcomed me into their lives, and my heart has been captured by my little loves!

when i started at the school, i had no idea which direction my life was going. i was unsure and confused. being there gave me a purpose and brought me encouragement. God showed me so much love through all of those beautiful faces. their sunshine brightened up the darkest of days. i am so thankful for all i have been blessed with. i will never forgot how loved they made me feel. i will never forget their little hands in mine. i will never forget their laughter when i would do my skippyjon jones’ accent. i will never forget their endless hugs. i will never forget them.

yes, they drove me crazy. but that’s normal with family! 😉

speaking of family, the amazing ladies i’ve worked with these past two years have been so supportive. they’ve encouraged me when i’m down, supported my photography, and helped me through rough times. i’m going to miss our talks during nap-time and our inside jokes. you all have helped me in one way or another and i will always remember your kind hearts. thank you!

another God-thing with this job was all of the amazing families i got to meet. i have met so many kind-hearted and genuine families through this job. not only are they wonderful parents, they’ve become amazing friends. so many have let me into their lives and made me feel like one of their own! it is so humbling! i can’t even express how blessed i feel to be in this position. thank you all for having amazing kids and letting me love on them every day.

and since this has turned into a thank-you post, haha, i need to say thanks to my boss! thank you for letting this shy girl work at your school! i don’t know what i would have done without this place and i’m so thankful that you took a chance on me. you’re the best boss ever and i promise i’ll come back and bug you on my lunch break!  don’t you worry! 🙂

i should probably end this post before i short out my keyboard. haha. i just don’t want to forget anything.

i promise to soak up every moment today.

i will be at the school all day because i want to send my love with everyone and get that one. last. hug. i apologize in advance to anyone who sees me tomorrow. i’m gonna be a hot mess. 😉

God is so good. He took this job opportunity and turned it into an amazing two-year adventure that i will never forget. i love you all to the moon and back and i’m blessed to know you.





  • Best of luck with your new job!!! I’m sure you’ll still have plenty of fun stories to share 🙂

  • Ashley, you will we sorely missed by everyone in our family. But we’ll see you at Krista’s wedding and keep recommending your wonderful photography work to everyone we meet. Please keep in touch even though it sounds like you will be busy.

    The Oglesby Family

  • So happy for you, and so thankful that I know this isn’t goodbye!!

  • Soak up today for tomorrow’s memories. Blessings at your new job ahead.

  • I was OK with you leaving because I know it is what you wanted until I read your “blog”. Now through tears it’s hard to find the right words. I can say you are one of a kind and always brought sunshine into our lives. You will go far in life. God is always with you and will guide you in the right direction. I feel you have a bright future. I will never loose contact with you, even though I could be your Grandma….remember you hold a special place in my heart. Love ya Ashley

  • That was a great blog. You are a great teacher, person and friend. It was awesome working with you. It was crazy at times but also a lot of fun! I will miss seeing you for storytimes and saying goodbye to you when I leave for the day! Thanks for being you Ashley and good luck with your new position!

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