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as always, another month has come and gone way too fast. seriously! we’re already halfway through the year. i am NOT a fan of how fast every day is flying by. i guess i’m gonna have to borrow sheldon’s time machine (big bang anyone?) and head back to the good ol’ days.

july was quite an eventful month: 1 birthday, 4th of july, an anniversary, and a shoot share. all mixed in with the normal summer craziness! as per usual, here’s my recap via instagram!

top left to right: 1. abby sees jack and says, “awww i want to hug my brother.” 2. babysitting the sweet waltz kids and taking a smiling pic, but peyton still wanted to do the grumpy faces haha. 3. the p31 mug! so hype for october! 4. pool day with my sisters! 5. amanda and me cheezin’. 5. mine and nikki’s yorktown trip! 6. lone ranger (it’s really good despite what the critics said). 7. learned how to change my first ever flat tire. 8. new business cards finally arrived! 9. the before/after of my hair 😛 10. king julian, i mean, fend stretched out on his throne! 11. i got to play beauty shop on katey’s hair!


top left to right: 1. celebrating our 2 1/2 year anniversary at the melting pot. 2. justin’s first time at chicken fiesta (it’s the besta). 3. babysittin’ sweet jack and ellie! 4. me and nikki with our sweet mentor/friend: amanda hedgepeth. 5. doing science experiments with jack and abby! 6. pool time with katie b. and jamie c. 7. editing with my sweet fred! 8. my favorite ladies – celebrating our first ever shoot share! 9. fred and george: licensed to drive. 10. fred and george tired from crusin’. 11. mr. micah 🙂 12. fend and his two favorite snuggle buddies (he really loves them, deep deep down ;).

i was hoping august would be a calmer month, but nah! it’s going to be just as crazy as the last and i’m totally fine with that! 😉

here’s to a wonderful august! 🙂

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