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okay, before i can even talk about the weekend, can we just stare in awe at their beauty?! WOW! i love love LOVED spending time with these two yesterday. they made me feel so giddy! haha. they were so happy and fun to be with! how did i get so blessed to have such an amazing couple to work with? this truly is livin’ the dream! i can’t wait to share katie and chris’ engagement session with y’all! you don’t wanna miss it! πŸ™‚

this weekend was jam-packed! friday i met with an amazing couple!!! they are getting married in freakin’ disney world!!!!! so cool! sadly, i won’t be photographing that haha, but i WILL be photographing their engagement pictures and i know it will be a lot of fun! just hanging out with them that night, i know we’ll have a blast! i have the best couples ever! πŸ™‚

also, i filled up my gas tank on saturday morning and by saturday night i had already driven almost 300 miles on it. miles well traveled! haha. i started out the morning by meeting up with katie! i had so much fun getting to know her! she was so sweet and nice! it was cool to hang out with a photographer i look up to. it’s so nice to have photographers willing to meet up with newbies in the industry! i really appreciate that she took time to meet me! she is awesome! go check her out here!Β Β since i was in newport news, i also got to see amanda! it was nice spending time with her, even if she did call me a hobo!!!! RUDE!!!

me: “awww you look so pretty!”

amanda: “i know and you look like a hobo!”

i just love my sister! πŸ˜›

once i got back around richmond, i hung out with my dad and ariel. then i headed off to take pictures of a one-day-old baby, noah james. he was SO CUTE!!!! i always feel weird holding babies because they are so SO TINY! i feel like i’m gonna break them! i’m used to holding my 3s at school. so when i hold something that weighs less than my CAMERA, it kinda throws me off my game for a second. haha. but after a second i was good! haha. he was so adorable!!! i can’t wait to show you more of his precious pictures! πŸ™‚

sunday was wonderful because i got to relax a bit and even had time for an afternoon nap before the awesome engagement session! seriously, i cannot stop raving about these two! i can’t wait for you guys to see more of their session!!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

and finally, some of my random thoughts on the oscars last night:

  • the les miserables performance was phenomenal!Β 
  • congrats to jennifer lawrence, anne hathaway, daniel day-lewis, christoph waltz, and argo!!!
  • seth macfarlane did a great job hosting!
  • was kristen stewart high when she was presenting?
  • adele and jennifer hudson were amazing!!! their voices were just WOW! GAH! so amazing!!!! two beautiful ladies!
  • the fashion was exquisite as always!
  • ben affleck is stinkin’ adorable! i loved his acceptance speech last night! so cute!

oh! before i go, where we took the engagement pictures yesterday was where some of lincoln was filmed (old town petersburg)! it was so cool! they were even hosting some type of oscar’s party there! it was pretty much amazing! just sayin’! πŸ˜‰

okay. my ramblings are over! i hope this monday finds you well and it’s the start of a great week! have a fabulous day!Β β™₯


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  • #1) Can’t wait to see more of these pictures!
    #2) We were in Old Town Saturday night, love it!
    #3) You’re my favorite. Can’t wait to hang out soon πŸ™‚

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