just for laughs | thursday thirteen

who doesn’t love a good laugh? here are 13 images that have made me giggle lately.

hope this brings a little laughter to your day! ♥

1. hehe. why don’t they put these pictures on the cover of a cereal box?

Olympic divers, mid-dive - cant stop laughing!!

2. i just love alpacas and i love food!


3. mmmmm they be in trouble…


4. so true

say no more

5. this is awesome!

6. i must say, if justin would have used this on me i would’ve been sold haha.


7. oh pop music!


8. sadly this happens way too often at work haha. little stinkers. 😉

no longer surprised

9. hahahahaha if you work with kids, you’ll understand.

HA!!! hilarious!

10. boom! had to throw something hunger games related into the mix.


11. gangsta cat


12. hehe


13. yupp. that sounds about right.

a good day :)


  • In regards to number 6, I would like to officially say that I didnt use that line on you because the coat is not made out of boyfriend material, I am! haha, and i felt like asking you to stroke my arm could have been awkward. So I didnt. haha

  • Hahaha these are so funny! Thank you for the good laugh 🙂

    and I can SO agree with number 8

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