okay. i have had some interesting obsessions lately. maybe some of you can empathize with me on this that i


okay. i have had some interesting obsessions lately. maybe some of you can empathize with me on this that i feel like i don’t choose these obsessions, they choose me. haha. i’ll explain later!

1. chicken fiesta – oh my goodness!!! chicken fiesta is the besta! i went for the first time a couple of weeks ago and could not stop thinking about it! they have AMAZING food! it looked extremely sketch at first. i wasn’t fond of eating at a place translated “chicken party” haha. once i ate there, i knew why they called it a party! anytime you eat their food, it’s like a party in your mouth! yum!!! if you have one near you, i would definitely recommend it. or you can come visit me and we can go together! 🙂

2. new girl – i watched this show when it first came out, but always got busy and couldn’t keep up with it. i recently had some housesitting jobs and the families had netflix! YES! this was the first show that i watched! i must confess that i watched the whole first season in less than 3 days! haha. now i just need to catch up before the new season starts! it’s so funny! like, right up there with friends funny! zooey deschanel is perfect!

3, candy crush – now, lemme tell you that i tried so hard to avoid getting addicted to this game. i kept seeing people talk about it and how much they were addicted. i told myself i wasn’t going to play it and to move on haha. anytime i was on my phone, candy crush ads would pop. i’m telling ya, i feel like the game chose me! haha. it would not give me a break, so finally i gave in and tried it out! 96 levels later and i’m STILL addicted ahaha. i wonder how many levels this game goes up to?

4. the pool – gah! it’s not summer without a couple of pool visits! i love the pool! it’s so relaxing to just sit and relax without worrying about a thing. i love soaking up the sun and reading a book! if i could do this all day, every day (and make it a job) i totally would. 🙂 i’ve been thankful to hang out with some friends from work at the pool the past couple of days! i’m gonna miss it! why is summer almost gone?!

5. tropical smoothie – i blame this on nikki, haha. we got tropical smoothie on the way to a shoot one day and i have been hooked ever since. it’s the perfect refreshment on a hot summer day! it’s also a nice treat to sneak in during a movie, as long as it doesn’t spill in your purse. 😉

welp, these are my latest obsessions! what are yours? 🙂

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  • DUDE!! I started watching New Girl a few weeks ago too!!!!!!! (but I’m still refusing to get addicted to candy crush :P)

  • My boyfriend Al and his mom have been hooked on New Girl. I’m getting Hulu Plus in the fall before the season premieres start, and this is one of the first shows on my must-watch list!

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