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as as some of you may know, i am a HUGE movie buff! i don’t know why, but that’s how it’s been for as long as i can remember. i love escaping into another world, even if it is just for a couple of hours. needless to say, i have seen quite a few movies over the summer. i wanted to give y’all my reviews because some of these movies (if not all) are totally worth seeing! don’t worry, i know movie tickets can cost an arm and a leg lately. that’s why it’s so great we have a super matinee price! WOOT WOOT!


1. grown ups 2 – if you love adam sandler, this movie won’t disappoint. you’ll be laughing the whole time! while there isn’t too much of a storyline, the all-star cast totally makes up for it! AND if you’ve seen the first one, you totally have to see this one! you won’t be sorry!

2. despicable me 2 – again with the sequels! haha. but for real. this movie is just as good, if not better than the first. the minions are hilarious and i wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t make their own movie soon! here is why they are so awesome!

3. the lone ranger – yeah, i know this movie got a lot of crap, BUT i really don’t understand why. the acting was great (even if i wasn’t a die hard johnny depp fan, i’d still say that), the storyline was intriguing, and there was a great mix of action and humor. what more could you ask for? don’t listen to the critics. listen to me! 🙂
2013-08-14_00034. white house down – doesn’t this feel like deja vu? oh yeah, that’s right. olympus has fallen JUST happened. while these two movies have the same theme, white house down is still a good action flick. channing tatum isn’t too bad on the eyes either! 😉 plus, jamie foxx brings the perfect amount of comic relief to the summer blockbuster! my personal preference is for olympus has fallen, but white house down isn’t a let down.

5. the heat – probably one of the best movies i’ve seen all summer! i was laughing the whole time!!! sandra bullock and melissa mccarthy need to team up more often! they’re the perfect comedy duo!

6. we’re the millers – while this movie was definitely a tad crude, it was still equally as funny. if you liked horrible bosses, you’ll like this movie as well! be sure to stick around for the credits! they’re just as good as the movie! 😉

did you get a chance to see any of these movies? what did you think?

2 guns is the next movie on my list. any other movies i need to add??

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  • LOVED Grown Ups 2! I haven’t laughed so hard throughout a whole movie in a while! Matt and I kept saying how it was so hilarious, for barely having a plot at all, haha!

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