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“i used to think i had to be somebody important to accomplish things, but now i know Jesus uses ordinary people more.”          -bob goff


have you ever read a book that was so good, you didn’t want it to end? that’s how i felt about this book. part of me was trying to prolong the ending of this book and procrastinate reading it so it could last just a little bit longer. i felt like i wanted to underline or highlight almost every sentence in the book. THAT is how much it moved me. bob goff has so much wisdom in his words and just does such a great job on loving on people and showing them God’s love. it’s so beautiful!

the premise of bob’s book (and yes, i call him bob because i got to hear this wise man speak at the p31 conference) is about DOING versus saying. you can talk all day long about how much you love someone, but actions are worth so much more. SHOWING someone you love them can move mountains. in this book he shares many of his stories of showing people love. he does WILD things. some things are crazy simple, while others are just crazy. but it’s awesome. ya know? because he does it to show people God’s love! gah! i can’t even put into words how awesome that is! and he doesn’t just sit back and talk about how he wants to change things and show people love, he actually goes out and does them. he is so inspiring and he gives all the glory back to God. amazing!

and because this book is just too good to keep to myself, i would love to gift one of you with your own copy! yay! 🙂

all you have to do is comment on this post; then share it with your friends so they have a chance to win the book too!

and seriously, if you don’t win, you just need to go out and buy this book because it’s THAT awesome. trust me! 🙂

happy wednesday, friends! go out and DO something!


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