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i don’t know how my life comes off to those of you who are SO KIND and take the time to read my blog. i know sometimes it seems like life is going fine and dandy, but i don’t want y’all to get the impression that my life is perfect. i try to talk about fun and bubbly things a lot and as much as i WISH my life was just sunshine and rainbows, it ain’t true! haha.

heck to the no.

it’s pretty loco hot cocoa, actually! i really need to get my schedule straight! that was one of my goals for the year and i am still in the same boat as i was in january. i still shuffle from place to place and live out of my car like a gypsy! haha. i babysit in the morning, head to work at the preschool, then i decide whose house i’ll hang out at for a bit, head to my house right before i crash just to get up and do the same thing all over again the next day.  it’s exhausting and probably not the healthiest thing for me. not to mention, if someone ever came in to try and rob me, i would never be able to tell. both my room AND car look like a construction zone.

for those of you who have been in my shoes before, how do you handle it? how do you learn to balance life with parents who have parted ways? how do you learn to say no and stop being a people pleaser? i need help! haha.

ANDDDDD how do you keep things clean/organized in a crazy/hectic life? i  feel like my life is google chrome with 15 tabs open about to crash! how do you guys manage life? haha. i’ll bake you some cookies for your secrets! 😉

i hope this post doesn’t come off as a rant! i just want you guys to see ME, the good and the messy. i like to talk about the good things in my life, but that doesn’t mean my life is perfect. i just try to focus on happy things because life would be so depressing if i just focused on the negative all the time, dontcha think?

and seriously, if y’all have any tips on how to get my life in order, i would love you forever and a day!

happy thursday, y’all!!! thanks for listening! 🙂

and just to keep it real. here’s a picture of me heading to zumba during our last snow day! go ahead and laugh! 🙂

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  • I wish I had a cure all for you because I understand. Its like you are Dorothy in the tornado going around and around and you just want land anywhere, somewhere, just stop spinning. My heart hurts for you as you work out the difficult circumstances and try to compile a reality that makes sense, one where you can thrive and find peace and joy. I am praying for you sweetie. Take a day for sure and clean for one. Find a place where you can enjoy the creative chaos but find a peace in some structure. You are closer than you think. You are a sweet beautiful woman and I am blessed to have known you.

  • No one is perfect, Ashley. We are all humans and do make mistakes. I think having a positive attitude about life helps. First, do what makes you happy…smiling usually gives back a pleasant response. I’m sure the parent thing is a major issue for you and your sisters. That will probably take time to get over. Your life has changed because of that situation. Don’t beat yourself up….what I see in you is a beautiful person with lots to offer. You work hard and love your photography…..keep the chin up and time will heal (or at least that’s what I’m told)….Your friend Kathy Kimmick

  • Ash,

    You and your sisters are great women of faith. Christ is right by your side every minute. He will never leave you nor forsake you. He also loves both your mom and dad. He hears your prayers. You have family to support you girls too. We are there for you and are not taking anybody’s side. Just want you girls to know you are loved and so are both of your parents. Call me any time you want to just to talk. It doen’t have to be about anything. It can be about the wedding. Check out my Arizona pictures on Pinterest. Love you bunches!!! Aunt Nance

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