mid-week montage

i’ll save you from my usual ramblings and just get straight to the updates:

what happened:

  • i visited some of my LONGWOOD girls this weekend for oktoberfest! it was wonderful and boy do i miss it! i may be biased, but longwood is pretty awesome! it has so many fun traditions and oktoberfest is one of them. it’s a weekend filled with concerts, booths sponsored by different organizations, and a parade. it’s just one of the many events the school does to show school spirit and join each other together! i love it!
  • i had a blast with my girls! i hadn’t seen them in a while and it was nice to catch up and just have a girls’ weekend. i miss being at longwood and having all of my friends within 5 minutes from each other. why does growing up mean moving away? wahhhh. haha.
  • i edited A LOT!!!! and i still have a lot to go!
  • shout out to my work ladies!!! i love where i work and i love my girls that i work with!!! i am so blessed to work with such a fun crew! i really do have a wonderful job! 🙂
  • i saw taken 2! despite what the critics might think, i thought it ROCKED! liam neeson is the man! so cool!

what’s up next:

  • MORE editing!
  • i’m photographing an intimate reception on saturday! pretty excited! 🙂
  • i’m really working on spending more time with God and getting more grounded in His word. i’ve been better than before, but would still like to be more consistent with it. i’ve been trying to write in a journal when i read, because i get more out of it that way, but i need to make more time for it! i keep saying, okay, i’ll get to it soon. then i never do. definitely need to work on that!
  • i really need to clean/organize my room! yeah! good luck with that, right? 😉

here’s to a wonderful rest of the week, y’all!!! ♥

P.S. i know Christmas is a bit away, buttttt it will sneak up on us soon. why not get ahead of the game and get your gifts now? spots are already getting filled. don’t miss out! 😉


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  • I have no issues with you posting about Christmas right now! haha. It was great running into you this weekend! 🙂

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