last saturday, i had the pleasure of experiencing my first train ride!!! so exciting!!! i can’t believe i am almost


last saturday, i had the pleasure of experiencing my first train ride!!! so exciting!!! i can’t believe i am almost 24 years old and this is the first time i’ve ever been on a train. shame on me. so glad i’m able to cross that off my bucket list. justin’s dad had tickets to ride the steam engine from roanoke to lynchburg. apparently it’s an annual thing and happens every spring. pretty cool!

it was nice just looking out the window (without feeling motion sickness haha). next time i’ll remember to bring a book, though, for when i need to take a break from the sightseeing. you can tell justin and i got a little picture happy towards the end.

here a few pictures from my first-train-ride-ever experience! haha.

have you ever been on a train before?!
2013-03-21_0002 2013-03-21_0003 2013-03-21_0004 2013-03-21_0005 2013-03-21_0006

ahhh!!! the beautiful hotel roanoke!

2013-03-21_0007 2013-03-21_0008
2013-03-21_0010 2013-03-21_0011 2013-03-21_0012

this is chelsea, justin’s beautiful sister!


and on to this week’s peaks and pits:


  • it’s officially spring (someone needs to alert mother nature)
  • experienced my first train ride
  • spent time with justin’s family! 🙂
  • got my 100mm MACRO LENS!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂
  • get to help second shoot a wedding with the lovely arli quinn photography this weekend!
  • justin visits!!!
  • i feel like some of my newer kids at school are starting to get the hang of the routine MAYBE (bribing them with candy doesn’t hurt either haha)


  • taxes!!!! – EWWWWW!!! so my aunt and i went through everything and got everything organized. we made an appointment with a CPA and it took over an hour for us to see him and he STILL was busy and unable to see us (even though we had an appointment – messed up, right?). totally peeved and now we have to do the same thing next week. yucky!
  • SNOWWW!!! okay y’all, i am ready for WARM WEATHER! it’s spring!!!
  • along with the yucky weather, i’m ready to get out of my winter funk.

how did your week go?! 🙂

i would love to hear all about it! 🙂

cheers to the weekend!

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  • #1-We took a train to NYC for my birthday this year. Awesome way to travel, especially with the kiddos.
    #2- Love your trip pics.
    #3- Your newer kids have just finally caught on to how awesome you are!

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