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i have been looking forward to this post, because i love sharing my latest obsessions with y’all! i know i like to try new things that other friends recommend  so i like sharing my latest finds too! i’m also really glad that a food product isn’t on here this time, because i feel like i’m always obsessed with something food-related haha.

anywho, here are some of my latest vices that i’d like to share with y’all! feel free to share some of yours as well!

candles – pineapple cilantro, fluffy towels, and happiness are just a few of my new favorites! 🙂 do you have any you’d like to recommend?

crafting – so i’m still not completely sure if it’s a good or a bad thing, but the a.c. moore near my house has everything in their store for 40% off. ALL. THE. TIME. it’s amazing! i’ve been painting mason jars, glitter-izing EVERYTHING, and trying out some crafts on pinterset that i’ve always wanted to do. i’ve become slightly addicted to it. sadly, my wallet isn’t too fond of it. 😉

decorating/finding furniture – ever since i cleaned my room, i have had this bug to make it look more like “me.” so i’ve been searching for furniture with character at goodwill and salvation army. i’ve been rearranging and reinventing, trying to be as resourceful as i can. it’s been a lot of fun! i can’t wait to show y’all my most recent addition once i fix it all up! 🙂

breaking bad – need i say more? yes, i realize i’m behind the times AGAIN with this whole tv show thing haha. but hey, at least i’m catching on to how great this show is now. i’m only a few episodes in, but i’m already intrigued and know it will be awesome! now if only i could find more time in the day… 😉

so these are my latest vices. what are yours?


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