so i know today isn’t monday, but it certainly feels like it. haha. it was extremely hard to get out

so i know today isn’t monday, but it certainly feels like it. haha. it was extremely hard to get out of bed this morning and will be even harder to get ready for work. at least i’m one step closer to the weekend! 😉 haha. actually, i’m a lot closer since i’m taking friday off to visit justin’s family! so now, i just need to survive 3 days of work. hopefully my sweet children will be perfect angels! haha. one can dream, right? 🙂

this weekend was so much fun and had me spoiled for sure!

friday we celebrated justin’s birthday by having a beach day! i was so bummed at first because it was supposed to be cloudy/rainy ALL FREAKIN’ DAY! so typical haha. the last time i planned a beach day, it started pouring on us as soon as we got there. thankfully, God was lookin’ out and provided a gorgeous day at the beach. it was so sunny that i even got a little burned. 😉 no complaining here! haha. i’m just glad it was a nice day!

on saturday we headed down to the OBX. i have never been before, so needless to say, i was pretty excited! when we first got there, we tried the famous duck donuts! gah! seriously, so amazing! i need more of these in my life, yet i don’t at the same time! haha. good thing we were on a mini-vacation where calories don’t count, right?! 😉 any who, if you’re ever down there, you must trie these. the “beach” donut was my favorite, but the peanut butter was a close second. after donuts, we enjoy being in traffic for an hour to go 3 miles haha. i’ve heard that’s pretty typical. then we explored currituck, went to the rehearsal, and did some more exploring.

sunday was wedding day and  God provided another gorgeous day. it started out super cloudy with rain sprinkles here and there, but by 5 it was so pretty out! can’t wait for y’all to see their wedding!

yesterday we headed home, but not before visiting the wright brothers’ museum! it was pretty cool to see all that they accomplished and where aviation first started! then we made one final stop at duck donuts before getting on the road again! haha. this time we bought enough to share with everyone back home! maybe!;)

welp, here’s to surviving the work week, friends! have you ever been to the OBX?! what was your favorite thing to do down there? i want to visit again real soon!


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  • I LOVE the OBX. I’ve been as far north as Corolla and day-tripped all the way down to Hatteras for the lighthouse. I’ve been blessed to know several friends who have beach houses. As soon as I get into North Carolina (which is only about 45 minutes from my house!), I instantly feel more relaxed.

  • LOVE THIS! OBX is the bestest! I know you enjoyed your time, and I’m jealous of your donuts! 🙂

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