reading this post really woke me up. i know i’ve said this before, but i’ll say it again. and probably

reading this post really woke me up. i know i’ve said this before, but i’ll say it again. and probably a few times after that! 😉

announcing this workshop was a huge leap for me! there are so many other phenomenal photographers in this industry who have all announced workshops. they are amazing! and being the sometimes-insecure girl that i am, i keep thinking to myself, “why would anyone want to take a workshop with me when they can take one with __________ photographer?” i keep seeing new workshops pop up in my newsfeed and i feel so full of doubt. why did i decide to do a workshop now? what do i even know about photography? who am i to teach a workshop? but then there’s that little voice inside of me that keeps telling me this, “you LOVE photography and you want to encourage others who love it too.” and that is what i need to listen to.

i need to let go of all this doubt. i need to stop comparing myself. these other photographers are going to do amazing things; no doubt about that. but why can’t i do amazing things too? it may not be the exact same thing, but still great in its own way. i can share what i’ve learned over the past 3 years. i can talk about the mistakes i’ve made, so they don’t have to make the same ones. i can give them tips that it’s taken me years to learn. i do have something to offer them. i have my own perspective to share too!

the bottom line is this: i LOVE encouraging people. ever since high school when i FIRST started playing volleyball (aka riding the bench), i would cheer my team on like nobody’s business. i may not have been the best volleyball player, but i loved it and worked hard. i did eventually become captain and made all-conference two years in a row. and all of that started with encouraging others.

so… while i may not be the best photographer in the world, that doesn’t matter.  i love love LOVE what i do and i work hard. i wouldn’t want to do anything else. and i want to encourage people in their dream of photography too! i do know i can do a great job at that! 😉 and i know i’ll do a great job at my workshop (whoa, that sounds so weird to say!). i just need to believe it! plus, i am so so so EXCITED about the amazing ladies attending! we are going to have a blast! i have loved getting to talk to them already and i cannot wait to help them chase their dreams!

as i promised yesterday, here is a peek at the inspiration behind the workshop! EEEPPPP!!! it’s gonna be awesome and kat is going to do a stellar job! i cannot wait for august!!! 🙂

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