a lot of people out there have a bucket list. i do too. along with my bucket list, i have

a lot of people out there have a bucket list. i do too. along with my bucket list, i have a photography bucket list as well! these are things that i would like to do before i die with my photography, for it, or just to help me grow creatively. some of these things are more realistic than others, but they could TOTALLY happen. 🙂

here are 13 things that i would love to do in the world of photography:

1. photograph a sporting event at the summer olympics.

2. attend WPPI.

3. shoot my styled sessions. i have at least 3 ideas in my head right now and i NEED to put these to action. they’re secret right now, because i want you to be surprised by them. 😉

4. photograph a birth.

5. photograph a military homecoming.

6. attend katelyn jame’s workshop experience.

7. go to a P31 conference (if they have another one. 😉

8. photograph a “trash the dress” shoot

9. travel to/photograph a destination wedding.

10. photography my first boudoir shoot.

11. inspire others through my work and bring glory to God

12. travel to different places around the world and tell a story with my photography

13. never stop learning about photography

** here are a couple of shots taken with my new camera!!! :)**

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  • What’s stopping you from doing #’s 3, 5, 8 and 10? You know what they say- tell the universe your dreams, and they’ll come true. Or something. The point is, if you put it out there that you want to shoot a boudoir session, I guarantee you you’ll have someone who’s been wanting to do one as a gift for their husband. Don’t be afraid to go out and MAKE things happen, instead of waiting for them to come to you 🙂

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