pollen, rain, icky mud, and random football sleds = fun for photo shoots!

alexi LOVES being my model and she is darn good at it. thankfully, she was up for a shoot yesterday and let me join in on some of the fun, too!  justin wanted to learn more about taking portraits. so we decided to have an adventure. we drove around until we found the perfect spot. unfortunately, the sun was a little bright at first (as you can see from the pictures with the parasol), so we went to a park and came back later haha. this field made for some perfect shots. we tracked through the high grass, muddy water, and itchy bugs. i think it was worth it, though. even if it did cause my allergies to go haywire. i felt like ray charles for a bit afterwards, because i couldn’t open my eyes and had to wear my sunglasses. my eyes would not stop burning and watering. it was pretty miserable for bit. oh the things we do to get a great shot! 🙂 we ended our shoot just in time, too. because right after we got in the car the heavens opened up and it looked like a tsunami outside. perfect timing or what?  the rain clouds in the sky made for some beautiful images as well. i hope you enjoy. i guess you can say this is the 3rd part of alexi’s senior session haha. lucky her. i hope everyone has had a wonderful and restful weekend. why do they always go by so fast?!

beautiful or what?!

this girl is a fashion diva!

meet justin! he is aspiring to learn the art of photography better so he can understand more of what goes on in my world. i am so proud of him! he is a fast learner and doing a great job. he captured some great shots of alexi. check out what he took. feel free to leave him so love! 🙂

red is definitely his color.

this is one of the first ones he took of alexi and probably one of my favorite. snaps for justin!

thanks for this cute picture, j!

i couldn’t decide which one i liked better. he did such a great job! i love the colors in this image!

we had no idea we were doing the same pose. must be a sister thing! haha.

so beautiful!

i love how this one frames alexi. good eye, justin!

WARNING! the next few posts might be a little awkward. hahaha. 😉

it’s okay, we’re sisters.

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  • Great photos Ashley, both you and your sister are beautiful girls!

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