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we all have those days…

when you’re having a bad day, because your “dream couple” didn’t book you for their wedding…

when another photographer gets published or featured somewhere you’ve always wanted, but haven’t yet…

when you aren’t the best smooth-talking, networker and don’t know all the right people…

when you feel like everyone is going places with their business and you’re just standing still…


how you felt when your groom looked at your pictures and started tearing up from how happy he was that he was getting married.

how much fun it was to travel across the country to capture someone’s special day because they wanted YOU to capture it.

that moment when your bride told you how beautiful you made her feel in your photographs.

how that bride saved and saved to have you photograph their wedding because she knew it was worth it.

how fulfilling it is to serve your couples and take care of them on their special day

never forget those moments!

don’t worry about what others are doing. stop letting those moments take your sunshine away.

remember how much GOOD you have in your life and never stop being thankful for it! never.

if you like it, do it. if you’re proud of something, embrace it. don’t try to be like anyone else.

BE YOU!!!! 

life is too short to be anything but happy.

stay encouraged friends! you’re beautiful and here for a reason! keep working hard! serve others and show them God’s love!

p.s. it’s friday! 🙂colorful fall staunton virginia engagement photographer_0535

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