i got to sleep in until almost 10 today and it was glorious. some of you might shake your head

i got to sleep in until almost 10 today and it was glorious.

some of you might shake your head at me and tell me my day is being wasted, but i’ll have to kindly disagree. i LOVE sleeping in. with my crazy schedule lately, i don’t get many opportunities to do it. so, you better believe when i get the chance to, i will jump at it!

this weekend i’m spending time at justin’s hometown with his family. i usually get my best sleep when i’m here. not sure why, but i always feel so refreshed. maybe it’s because i’m forced to slow down a bit and not worry about my ever-growing to do list. it’s kinda nice!

it’s much appreciated too, because for the next few weeks, i will be go-go-going ALL THE TIME! haha.

here’s a quick list to give you an idea:

– june 29th: rva engagement session

– july 5th: engagement session in pennsylvania

– july 6th: engagement session in fredericksburg!

– july 12th: north carolina to visit nana!

– july 18th: visit friends and va beach AND a senior session

– july 26th: family dinner for amanda before she heads to florida

– august 2nd: drive amanda down to florida

– august 8th&9th: double-header weddings

– august 15th&16th – engagement session and wedding in northern va

– august 24th – my FIRST EVER workshop!!!

i’d get in to the rest of the year, but that’s too much to type! haha. i don’t want to bore y’all!

needless to say, i’m going to be on the go and traveling a lot! not to mention, ya know, my full-time preschool job during the week! haha. and anything else that goes on in the evenings! i need an energy drink IV attached to me! haha.  i’m SO EXCITED for this time in my life! i love traveling and seeing new places, while making new experiences! i can’t wait for all of this! being the sometimes over-anxious person that i am, i get so excited and just need to take a few steps back to BREATHE! haha. anyone else like that?

that’s why this weekend is going to be perfect. we get to spend time with justin’s family, sleep in, take our time doing things, and just enjoying #bedfordlivin haha. yes, i made a hashtag for it! feel free to search it on instagram! 😉

i’m going to take full advantage of this weekend and rest up for the exciting adventures ahead! so thankful for this little safe place and for justin’s family!

i hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!!! be sure to sleep in or take a nap! you deserve it! 🙂

and here’s a picture from one of the last times i visited bedford! 🙂


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