I figured it’s about time for me to do an official introduction of our sweet pup, Scout! I’ve never fully shared her adoption story with y’all, so here it goes.

Justin and I knew we wanted to add a puppy to our family after we’d been married for a couple of months. We’d been searching and when we saw the photo of Scout, we knew she had to be a part of our family. The shelter we adopted her from told us she had been thrown out of a moving car when she was found by them. After that, she was passed along through several foster homes. We originally intended on fostering her at first to make sure she was a fit with us, but the day after we took her home, another family wanted to adopt her. Well, we could not let that happen. We loved her so much already and couldn’t imagine her without us. 

We’ve had her for almost a month now, and are so happy she’s with us! Yes, she can be a little annoying when she wakes us up at 3 in the morning to go out or tries to attack our feet when they’re under the blanket, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. She is always so excited to see us and is an expert snuggler (once she calms her body down hahaha). She’s our first baby and we love her so much. She is also very spoiled by the rest of our friends and family, which we love too! 

She’s already grown so much. When we first brought her home, she was shy and scared of everyone. Now, she can be a little timid at first, but once she sniffs a visitor, she opens up and starts attacking them with kisses! I took her to the outdoor mall with me the other day and she did so great! She made so many friends and loved exploring!!! I was so proud! 

Oh, and I forgot to mention what breed she is. I mean, it’s pretty obvious she’s mixed with a pitbull, but we’re not sure what else she is. We’ve heard everything from a Lab to a Shepherd to a Weimaraner. It’s a mystery to us, but we love her all the same! 

If you guys wanna keep up with her hashtag, it’s #50shadesofscout because of her beautiful gray coat! Get it?! ????

Happy Thursday, friends! 

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