oh my goodness! oh my goodness!!!!! i mentioned this on my page a couple of days ago, but JUST IN


oh my goodness! oh my goodness!!!!! i mentioned this on my page a couple of days ago, but JUST IN CASE no one got the memo, i got to meet AMANDA FREAKIN’ HEDGEPETH!!! it was awesome!!! she held her Q&A at the delicious plaza azteca (YUM) and we had a private room filled with photographers eager to learn! it was such a cozy and fun experience! i would recommend it to anyone wanting to learn more about the industry or just to meet her! haha.

i learned SO MUCH in that time frame. it really was amazing! i had a couple of “lightbulb” moments and learned things that i am SO EXCITED to start applying to my business. i feel like i keep saying this, but it was such a great experience!!! amanda is so warm and inviting. she created an atmosphere of comfort and trust. i didn’t feel stupid when i asked questions and she was so encouraging. i loved it! i wanna be her best friend! haha. again, i was star struck. i see all of these amazing photographers and am so inspired by them. i look up to them a lot and they teach me so much. it’s always nice to meet one of your (for lack of a better term) photography role models haha. i cannot thank amanda enough for being so selfless. not every photographer does this. not every photographer wants to share and wants to help others succeed. amanda is turnin’ up the love and turnin’ down the hate! and it’s AWESOME!!!!!!

i hope to one day be able to share the things i’ve learned. i really want to be different in this industry and encourage others to chase after their dream. it’s so refreshing to see photographers like amanda HELP others. i mean, at least they’re teaching people how to make it the right way and work hard. we need more of this! and if you are interested in learning more about photography, amanda is a GREAT resource!!! seriously, if you get the chance, check out her next q&a! it’s so worth it!!! she’s worth it and makes you feel like you’re worth it!!! 🙂

ok, enough of me crushing haha. here are some pictures from the wonderful time i had! thank you so much again amanda!

p.s. you ROCKED that outfit, girl! 🙂


showing us her awesome sample album! i can’t wait to finally order mine soon!


just lookin’ cute! 2013-02-11_0003

some beautiful photographers doin’ their thang!

2013-02-11_0004 2013-02-11_0005 2013-02-11_0006 2013-02-11_0007 2013-02-11_0008

this girl is modeling without even realizing it! 🙂 2013-02-11_0010 2013-02-11_0011

YAY!!!! i got to meet one of my photography heroes! so excited and love her to death!!! 🙂


2 sweet girls that i am so glad to know! 🙂


this is my beautiful friend nikki! i am so glad to have a friend in this industry! it’s so encouraging to have someone to help along this beautiful adventure! 🙂

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