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while you are reading this, i will *hopefully* be sitting on the beach, by the beach, or SOMETHING with the beach. haha. i headed down to south carolina yesterday to attend a woman’s conference with some women at my church. i was so frustrated the other day about this trip because i REALLY WANTED SUNSHINE!!! i looked at the weather and the forecast predicted cooler temperatures, partly cloudy, and wind. YUCKY!!!! i was so bummed because i REALLY wanted to have time on this trip to relax by the beach, read a book and soak up the sun. God brought me back to reality real fast. this trip is NOT about the beach, it’s about Him. as badly as i want to be a beach bum and take a break  from my hectic life, God has something different in store for my relaxation with Him.

i’m so excited about this conference and hope i learn whatever God wants me to. i’ve gotten over my attitude problem haha. now i’m ready to just enjoy whatever comes my way. i guess i just about had a meltdown the other day because i got peed on (yes, peed on – by one of the little boys going to the bathroom). he’s not fully potty-trained, so i was helping him and well, he wasn’t controlling what was happening. needless to say, i need to start bringing an umbrella to the bathroom. i got through the day with the realization that i’d be on the beach in the sun, SOON. ha! God is funny about that. i was making this trip about the beach, not Him. bad idea ashley haha.

now that i’ve realized what (or Who) i need to focus on, my mind is back on track. this trip will be fun regardless of what the weather is like, because i’ll be growing in God. THAT is what is important. i’ll still be praying for some fun in the sun, though. 😉

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  • BTW….if you ever have sons…now u know what to expect…keep a cloth handy while changing!!!! I’ll send u some peepee tepees!

  • Have a blessed time at the beach with the Lord. Draw near to Him & He will draw near to u.

  • You get to hear the ocean roar. Nothing is better than that! The worst day at the beach is better than a day anywhere else. (I grew up on an island.)

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