first thing’s first: sorry, but i’m not sorry for using lowercase letters. if e.e. cummings was okay with it, then

first thing’s first: sorry, but i’m not sorry for using lowercase letters. if e.e. cummings was okay with it, then so am i. please don’t take this as me being unprofessional. this is my style. it fits me. i like lowercase letters and i’m sticking to it. :)

i have been dying to tell you all about my sweet valentine’s day surprise yesterday. see, justin and i already celebrated valentine’s day this weekend since we knew we couldn’t be together on the actual day. work was just like any other day except the kids were on a sugar high. some of my sweeties even made me beautiful valentine’s day cards. jack brought me a pink rose and a handmade card (which were cutouts of his hands). skylar gave me this beautiful butterfly card he made and peyton gave me a sweet card with a yummy chocolate. i gave all of my kids tangled and charlie brown valentines. i wanted to make them a treat, but silly me went to the store the night before valentine’s day and the shelves were empty. i’ll just make them something special another day when they’re not on the verge of a sugar coma.

i finished up my day at work and was walking to my car when something caught my eye. it was a beautiful orchid plant. it obviously stuck out to me because it was such a pretty purple. ;) the first thing that went through my head was, “who is this from?” i thought maybe my mom dropped it off to be sweet, but she had work all day so it didn’t add up. i looked at the orchid to see who it was from, but there were no tags. i was about to get in my car, when i heard a male voice talking to me. i just KNEW i was about to get abducted. thankfully, it was just justin!!! :) he drove all the way from farmville to surprise me!!! :)

golly, i’m such a blessed girl. i could not stop grinning. that was totally my “movie moment.” you know what i’m talking about. all of us want to have that sweet act of love that you thought was only imaginable in chick flicks. of course, this is real life not the movies and i spent most of the night feeling totally crappy. poor justin was such a trooper and very patient with my sickly self. he was a great dr. and took excellent care of me.


is it just me, or would having this tissue box make being sick 100x better?!

hopefully i will feel better by tomorrow. right now i’m bundled up under three blankets. i hate being sick. i hate missing work even more. it’s no fun being at home when you know you need to be somewhere. i miss my kiddies! so, if you have a quick second, please feel free to pray for me. i would really appreciate it. thank you!

i hope you all had a wonderful valentine’s day and celebrated it with loved ones. i enjoyed spending time with my kids at work, justin and my family. that’s a whole lot of love right there! makes me all warm and fuzzy just thinking about it! feel free to leave me a comment to tell me how your valentine’s day went. i would love to hear all about it! 😀

thank you, justin, for making valentine’s day so special. it meant the world to me. <3

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