Yes, I realize I’m just now getting into my 2015 goals and it’s the 2nd week of the new year.

Yes, I realize I’m just now getting into my 2015 goals and it’s the 2nd week of the new year. Oh well! 🙂 I’ll cut the chit-chat and get straight to my to-do list for the year! 🙂

  • Engagement or Anniversary Session or Wedding in NYC – I heart New York (just like the t-shirt saying!:). I would love love love to photograph an incredible couple in New York. The city, the people, the lights, the experience, would be AMAZING!!!! If you’re interested, please please PLEASE let me know! 🙂
  • Promo video?! – Ahhh!!! Is it crazy that I’m even thinking of this? I would love to have a video done so people can really see my personality and get to know me. What do you think?! Am I crazy? Do you think I should go for it?
  • Session in DC during the peak of Cherry Blossom season – this has been another session on my bucket list! I love the Cherry Blossoms that bloom each year in DC! I think they’re beautiful and would be the perfect backdrop for a session! If you want your pictures surrounded by glow-y pinkness, let me know! 🙂
  • Creative at Heart – I’m so excited to be a part of the next Creative at Heart Conference! This past one was phenomenal and I’m so excited to be a part of the team documenting it! AHHH!!! Pinch me!
  • Session or elopement in Las Vegas – I know I have quite a few dream locations that I want to shoot in this year, but if you don’t say it out loud, it might not ever happen! So I’m saying it! I’d love to shoot a session in Vegas. I think it’d be so cool and different. AND I would totally do a trade. If you bought me tickets to see Britney Spears in concert, we’d call it even! 🙂 Any takers?! 🙂
  • Start sending out a monthly newsletter – This has been on my list for quite a while. I’ve had ideas for a newsletter, but have never sat down and just knocked it out! What do you think? Would you read it?
  • Shoot a proposal  – This is another dream of mine. I would love love LOVE to shoot a proposal! How cool would it be to see the emotions and excitement in person?! Gah! I’m tearing up just thinking about it! AND if you book me for your wedding, your proposal will be complimentary! 🙂
  • Update website and blog – nothing major, just updating my galleries and other areas in my website!
  • Book a Destination Wedding – GAH! I was so fortunate to photograph my beautiful cousins’ weddings last year in Arizona and California. It was a dream! I realized how much they impacted me and inspired me too! I left both weddings feeling so refreshed. It was great for the soul. I would really love to photograph a destination wedding each year. It’s an adventure and helps me gain a fresh perspective on life, which ultimately helps me serve my clients even better. Montana? Hawaii? Dominican Republic? Italy? Anyone?! P.S. If you pay for my travel, I will document your wedding free of charge!
  • New camera strap – My current strap has taken quite a beating this wedding season. It’s breaking a part and looking pretty sad. I definitely need to get a new one! Any recommendations?!
  • Bridal Guide – I think it would be awesome to create a bridal guide for my clients! It would be the perfect way to educate them and help achieve the best experience possible! 🙂
  • 135mm – This is just a wish-list item! I don’t need this lens, but would definitely put it to good use! 😉 I love the way it shoots and the effect it has on my images!
  • New head shots by Sharon – I chickened out on these last year. I gained some weight and my three chins and I were not feeling confident or pretty enough to be in front of the camera. Which brings me to my next goal…
  • Get healthy – Last year, my main goal was to pay off debt (yay for no more student loans or car payment!!!). This year, my goal is to healthy! Last February, I got pink eye for the first time since I was, like, 5. I continued to get pink eye every 2 weeks until July. It SUCKED! Actually, that’s a huge understatement hahaha. One of the medications I used was not very kind to me (thanks prednisone!). I know that the medicine was not fully to blame. I don’t take care of myself, as well as I should, and I tend to put my health on the back burner. Not anymore! I’m being more intentional with my health. I’m actually packing my lunches and not eating fast food! I still need to be more intentional with exercise! Time to get back into Zumba! I’ll be posting more on this goal throughout the year! I want y’all to keep me accountable! I’m going to be in my best friend’s wedding and I want to be in shape for it! 🙂
  • Have a blast at my best friend’s wedding in July –  YAY! This is going to be so much fun! I will be photographing her wedding as well as being a bridesmaid! I’m kinda excited and so happy to stand by her side on their big day! 🙂
  • Be more intentional with my business and my LIFE – I learned so much at the Creative @ Heart Conference about being intentional and I really want to implement what I learned into my business. I want to free up time for my personal life. I need to have quality social media time and set a timer for myself when I really need to get stuff done!
  • Boudoir Minis – EEEPP!!! I can’t wait for these! More info to come soon! I’ll definitely let y’all know, if anyone’s interested in signing up!
  • Encouragement sessions – I did a few of these last year and they were so great! I loved getting to know growing creatives in this industry. I loved listening to their dreams and giving them tools to help work towards them. I would really love to do more of these this year!
  • The backend of my business in shape – CPA, update insurance, cameras cleaned, updated contracts, etc.
  • Make Instagram album & Digital Photo Album – I’d love to make some personal albums for myself to look back on 2014! A lot of fun things happened then and I’d love to have something tangible to look back at!
  • Bayside Bride Workshop in April – Yay! I can’t wait! My sweet friend Erin, whom I met at the Pursuit 31 Conference is going to be there with me! I can’t wait. AND it’s going to be on my birthday! Double win! I can’t wait to soak up all of the goodness from those two amazing women!
  • Be more intentional in my relationship with Jesus – I want to show people God’s love in every aspect of my life. I know I read this book two years ago, but it still gets to me. LOVE DOES. God shows His love to us by doing things. He can work through us and show love to others through what we do. How amazing is that? I want God to use me. I want Him to encourage others and show them what His love is all about.
  • Get my brides and grooms in print – This has been a big goal! I never thought my work was good enough to be published, but it’s not about that anymore. I want to see my couples in print. They deserve it. Their days are beautiful and important. Everyone needs to know how amazing my sweet couples are!

Welp, there it is. I said them out loud for all to see. Now I have no choice but to work towards my goals and make them happen. Some of these goals are a little scary, but I know that God is by my side each step of the way. It will be okay. If God is for us, who can be against us? 

Now that I’ve shared my goals for the year, what about you? I’d love to hear your big scary dreams for the year! Let’s encourage each other! You can do it!

P.S. Isn’t this print by Rachel Tenny, AMAZING?!?!! I love flamingos! 

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  • I love these, girl!!! And YES you should TOTALLY do a promo film!!!! The Herrinton’s have a discount going for C@H attendees!!!!:) xo!!!

  • Girl. Do it. Do it all! I love the idea of a promo video – whenever I’ve seen one, it totally makes me happy inside. So excited to see your personality shine!

    Jealous that you’re attending the Bayside Bride workshop! I’m not a photographer, but I still want to go – haha.

    Whoop for Boudoir minis! I know this will be fabulous! Yay! Excited for you and ALL of your dreams. Do it! XO

  • Ah I love your goals and your courage in putting them out there!!! Can’t WAIT to see what you accomplish this year!

  • WOW! These are awesome girl! There is nothing better than a dreamer who puts their mind to it and works to make those dreams reality and I am positive you can make them happen! I think your idea to make a video would be perfect because you are right everyone should get the chance to be surrounded by your joy 🙂 I have been hoping to go to the cherry blossom festival for the last couple years now and shoot myself because it sounds like such a gorgeous event! I hope you can make that one happen it’s a goal we both share! I also saw a couple of other photographers I follow on Instagram that went to the Creative at Heart conference and it was kind of awesome to see what y’all posted, the funny thing with creatives like us is when that happens all of the content and images posted may have similar products arrangements, but look sooo remarkably different and that is what I noticed between the posts y’all made. Good job capturing the event.. it even gives me the itch to attend 😀 Oh and what were you thinking about putting in your newsletter, because I think that would be a neat addition. Certainly a task to accomplish, but nothing that can’t be tackled!! Lastly I hope you can meet your destination for healthy living because I understand it all too well and want to better myself and get in shape, so if you ever need a Zumba partner count me in I LOVE any chance to shake my booty haha. Well now that I have flooded you with comments, questions, etc.. Hopefully I could offer some help or support for you! I am sure you will make 2015 a positive one!

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