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i was at my dad’s this past sunday and got all nostalgic for some reason. i went and searched for some of our old photo albums and came across these gems. i know i may be biased, but we sure were some cute kiddies! 😉 also, sorry for the crappy photo of a photo pictures. i still like them, though because they tell a story!

i definitely got some good chuckles out of these pictures and i figured i would share. here is my rendition of “throwback thursday.” feel free to share some of your own pictures as well!!! you know i’d love to see it!

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i clearly didn’t know how to hold a baby and amanda was a little hungry for some cardboard.


photographer from the beginning! 😉


my love of food started at a young age.


i don’t know what’s worse: the bangs, the bunny, or the shiny dress.


okay. wow! when i saw this photo i died laughing. i am fighting over a dog toy!!! ewww!!! and i get upset when my kids at school eat stuff off the floor! haha.


we kicked butt with our halloween costumes. sidenote: i think i’ve dressed up as a pirate at least 5 times for halloween!


  • didn’t see yall much after pops died but yall were always precious and have always enjoyed seeing pictures of yall, especially yours.

  • you girls are adorable!!! love the costumes!
    Thanks for sharing!

  • YOU WERE ONE OF THE STINKIN’ CUTEST LITTLE GIRLS I HAVE EVEEERRR SEEN! Seriously, I can’t decide which one I love more, the picture of you with the camera, or the one of you snuggling the cereal box!

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