I know this is a really random topic, but it’s fun and I like fun. I don’t know about y’all,

I know this is a really random topic, but it’s fun and I like fun. I don’t know about y’all, but I have always had a list of people in my head (the living and beyond) that I would want to meet. Clearly I haven’t always had exactly thirteen people in my head, so some people on here are going to be a surprise even to me haha.

Here they are, in no particular order:

1. Cleopatra – Ever since I was little, she has always been fascinating to me. I remember reading a lot of books on her and I even did a report on her in elementary school. To me, she always seemed so beautiful. Her story was to die for (literally). I thought it was so interesting that she chose to end her life by the bite of an asp. Very tragic. Nevertheless, I have always admired her and would love to meet her.

2. Britney Spears – DUH! Anyone who knows me, knows I have loved Britney since she first came on the scene. Gosh, I even remember her on the Mickey Mouse Club. She is the princess of pop and I will forever be her loyal fan. P.S. Jenn, we totally need to get together and watch her Femme Fatale Concert Tour. Pretty please! 🙂

3. Walt Disney – Who wouldn’t love to meet this guy? He has one of the most imaginative minds in history. He created his own world and turned it into an empire. I bet he would have some fascinating stories. I would love to just sit and have a cup of hot cocoa with him. Obviously, we’d have a Disney marathon too. 😉

4. Johnny Depp – Again. I am a HUGE Johnny Depp fan. He is a superb actor and seems like a pretty nice guy. I would really like to ask him where he gets his inspiration from and how he prepares for his movie roles. Of course all of this would take place on the Caribbean  while I’m prepping to be in the next Pirates’ movie haha. 😛

5.) Ronald Reagan – Out of all the presidents this guy was definitely one of my favorites. He was such a stand-up guy. I did a project on him in 6th grade which made me really admire him. He seemed like such a sweetheart. I especially liked how he could relate to a lot of people. Plus, he was a movie star before running for president. How cool is that?

6.) Jesus – This day will happen eventually. I am so glad that I will actually get to meet Him. I have so many questions to ask, so many things to say, and a lot of love to give. I can’t wait for that day to come. It will be a glorious day!

7.) Sigmund Freud – I think he would be a very interesting person to meet. He contributed a lot to the world of psychology – whether people agreed with him or not. His theories have always been very interesting to me and I would just like to ask him they originated. Ahhhh psychology!

8.) Marilyn Monroe – I would LOVE to meet this woman! She is such an icon, even today. I would love to just have a girls’ day with her and a PHOTO SHOOT. Can you imagine how much fun this would be? And she would totally have to give me some fashion advice. That girl has style.

9.) Jennifer Anniston – She is such a classy lady. I love her on Friends. She seems like she would be really laid back and fun to be around. Maybe we could go to the gym together so I can get some workout tips? haha.

10.) Anastasia Romanov – Her life is such a mystery. I would love to know her real story, not what the media made up. It was such a tragedy what happened to her family. It would be nice to know the truth and hear what really happened.

11.) Albert Einstein  – Genius! DUH! This was such a brilliant man. Somehow I feel that even in all of his excellence, that he would still be really chill. His wild hair was so adorable and I feel like we’d have a grand ole time. 🙂

12.) Edgar Allen Poe – He is simply wonderful. His dark tales and the fact that he is buried here in Virginia is just awesome. He seemed to be a very unique individual. I wonder what his works would have been like if he would have been alive today. Oh the mystery!

13.) The Heroes – The people of 9/11, the missionaries of Ecuador (Jim Elliot, Nate Saint, etc.), the victims of the Holocaust, and the students of Columbine. I would really just want to soak up everything they would have to say. I know all of their stories would be amazing. May God bless their souls!

What 13 people would YOU like to meet?! Feel free to share below. I love hearing from you all! Sweet dreams, friends!

P.S. Tomorrow is FRIDAY! 🙂

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  • My people:
    1. Jesus
    2. Jeff Foxworthy
    3. Thomas Jefferson
    4. Ronald Regan
    5. Eric Church
    6. Johnny Cash
    7. John Wayne
    8. Reba McIntyre
    9. David (Bible guy)
    10. Wyatt Earp
    11. Davy Crockett
    12. Craig Tackett
    13. Chuck Norris

  • I love yours and Justin’s lists!
    Here’s mine (you’ll probably see some similarities in a few..lol)

    1. Jesus
    2. Michael Bublé
    3. Elvis
    4. Jimmy Falon
    5. Melissa Joan Hart
    6. Tiffani Thiessen
    7. Walt Disney
    8. J. K. Rowling
    9. the cast of Friends (I didn’t want them to take up 6 spaces, haha)
    10. Kate Middleton
    11. Michael Phelps
    12. Apolo Anton Ohno
    13. Shawn Johnson

  • 1. Christopher McCandless
    2. Watson and Crick
    3. Jesus
    4. Walt Emerson
    5. Jennifer Aniston
    6. Ghandi
    7. Hunter Parrish
    8. e.e. cummings
    9. Bear grylls
    10. Kelly Slater
    11. Clark Little
    12. Martin Luther King Jr.
    13. St. Francis

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