thursday thirteen | the upside to being sick

for the past few days i have been pretty sickly.  my symptoms have included body aches, sore throat, stiff neck, headaches, and chills. fun stuff. i think i’ve done pretty well, considering this is the first time i’ve had to miss work for being sick. after being around those kids for around 7 months, i was bound to catch something.

despite all the negatives of being sick, there a few positives.

1. sleep. sleep. SLEEP. it’s a great time to catch up on all the sleep you need and restore your body. plus, it’s a good escape from feeling yucky.

2. snuggling with my cute kitty. soupy is the best cuddle buddy. she just purrs and snuggles and gives me lots of lovin’. a perfect remedy to help you feel better.

3. watching unhealthy amounts of tv. i have watched super nanny, america’s next top model, vampire diaries, glee, switched at birth, once upon a time, friends, 8 simple rules, funniest home videos and i’m sure a few more haha. this has been fabulous!

4. lounging in my p.j.s all day.

5. spending way too much time on facebook, pinterest, twitter, etc.

6. watching the femme fatale concert tour of britney spears! eeeppp! so glad i finally had some time to watch it, even if the circumstances were rather crappy.

7. my nana taking care of me. she has refilled my water cup countless times and served me noodle soup. she’s the best!

8. being able to edit the rest of my photo sessions.

9. catching up on some reading.

10. not having an appetite. trust me. this is a rare thing for me. since tuesday night, i haven’t been that hungry which is actually wonderful. i am normally always thinking about what my next meal will be because i just love food haha. it’s nice to only eat because i have to and to not worry about overeating.

11. tying up all of the loose ends. writing down dates on my calender, sending out e-mails, paying off a bill. that definitely lifts a burden off of my shoulders.

12. brainstorming! coming up with lots of new ideas for my business and things to come! 😉

13. a new level of gratefulness for being well. i cannot wait until i am 100% healthy again. it will be so nice to go back to work. i miss my kiddies and coworkers a lot. i will definitely appreciate being healthy a lot more.

happy thursday, everyone! i hope you all are well and not sickly, like me. what are some things you like to do on your sick days?

chow for now, ashley!

p.s. one of the best remedies for being sick is laughter. 😀


  • I’m sick again. Very sad because I was never better!! Ugh

    But my sickly days consist of – sleeping in my bed – watching tv – sleeping on the couch – drinking hot tea – sleeping in my bed – watching a movie and eating ice cream – sleeping on the couch – wondering the house feeling awful – sleeping on the couch – complaining that I’m sick and feeling miserable – making a list of all the stuff I could/should be doing if I wasn’t sick – seeking comfort from the dog who gives me pity – wishing the cat would leave me alone but unwilling to remove the cat because I don’t want to hurt his feelings by telling him that sitting on me and making me eat his tail is not the best way to cure my aliments. – having my mom check on me and feel my head – sleeping in my bed. – my dad waking me up and asking if I’m gonna live and then telling me to take a shower (his cure all) – sleeping on the couch until dinners ready – my mom telling me I should eat something and my dad insisting I take a shower (ok maybe I just smell when I’m sick??) but instead I just sleep in my bed. Then I get up take a bath and go back to bed.

    BUT I’m on the road so my sick day consist of me sleeping, taking a shower, sleeping and watching tv shows online. – and later today playing with a three year old. 🙂

    Miss you, hope you feel better!!!!!!!

  • Oh no, I am right there with you, even after 6 years! Since Faith started meanotlin, last year, she has been better but she still wakes a few times a night. ARGGGGGG…Sending a nap via blogger, LOL!

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