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“be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.” – dr. seuss

this is me being super weird. but hey, that’s nothing out of the ordinary so here we go.

dear stressed out ashley,

STOP worrying about things that are out of your control. you can’t fix everything that is going wrong in everyone’s lives. you’re not superwoman. please slow down and breathe before you have a heart attack at the age of 23. learn to take things with a grain of salt. i KNOW you can be sensitive and i KNOW you wear your heart on your sleeve. don’t let people use that as a weakness. stand up for yourself. don’t take their criticism to heart. GROW from it. get some thicker skin. SHAKE IT OFF!!! you’re not perfect. stop trying to please everyone. be you and have fun. life is better that way. besides, the whole frowny-face and stressed out ashley is NOT COOL.

TRUST in God. REST in His arms. find PEACE! stop taking on more than you can handle. again, you can’t fix everything. stop trying to. your heart will turn bitter and your joy will disappear. the more you feed your anxiety, the larger it grows. FUEL YOUR FAITH. make time for Him and you will get back on track. He will help you through the rough days.

remember, it’s OKAY to say NO. don’t weigh yourself down and get burnt out. that will resolve nothing in the end. slow down and STOP stressing. ENJOY life. find a reason to celebrate and shake off the negativity. it is not worth your time at all. ignore the negativity from haters. kill them with kindness. DON’T let this break you. cling to Jesus, through Him you can conquer this.

start this TODAY. say NO to stress. kiss it goodbye. it’s not worth your time.

oh, and hang in there. you can do it! i believe in you!

♥ your daily-encouraging ashley

p.s. this can go for ANYONE out there. not just for me! 😉


  • Well said. Daily encouraging Ashley sounds like a smart lady! Hang in there, you’ll get it.

  • God’s got your back! front, too, for that matter;) Good advice to yourself. Listen to it! I think I will, too

  • Remember….haters gonna hate….but you have so many people who love you and have your back! Mwah!

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