If you’ve been reading my blog the last couple of weeks, you can tell that I’m a worrier. I can

If you’ve been reading my blog the last couple of weeks, you can tell that I’m a worrier. I can be quite anxious and worry about things that I have no control over. Being a wedding photographer is one of my favorite things. However, it can get pretty scary when you’re trying to have a self-supporting business and you depend on a certain amount of bookings each year.

Because I am a believer, I don’t need to have this mentality. There is Someone I can put my faith in and know that no matter the outcome, He’s gonna have my back. Is it hard? Absolutely. Do I struggle with this? On the daily! In fact, I have been letting it consume me. I was letting my joy in photography slip away because I was worried. I worried too much about booking the amount I needed and I didn’t trust Him. I was worried He wasn’t going to provide. I was worried this wasn’t His will for me.

It’s not healthy to do think like that. Instead of focusing on negative things, I need to change my way of thinking. I needed to remember all the times He has provided for me. He has never let me down before. Why would He do so now? Just because I wasn’t booking brides on my schedule, didn’t mean He wasn’t going to provide. That’s where the whole trust thing comes in. I have to let my inner-control freak go and just let Him be in control.

When I went to the Pursuit Community meet up last week, there were a bunch of amazing women there who gave me tips to practice trusting Him.

  • Bible Verse on Mirror – Write a verse to memorize on your mirror (in expo marker or little notecards). When you’re struggling with trusting Him, you can repeat that verse to yourself.
  • Good Times Jar – Each day, write something positive or happy that happened to you. After a year has passed, open that jar and see all the ways God has provided. There’s also a twist on that. In college we used to write down our worries with a date at the top and throw them away in a little trashcan. After months had passed we’d go through those pieces of paper and see how God answered those prayers and demolished those worries. It was nice, because physically throwing that worry away helped!
  • Match your worry with a bible verse – When you’re stressing, look up a verse to help with that situation. If you’re having anxiety, look up verses about not worrying.
  • Remember past times He’s provided – Seriously, sit down and look back on times where you worried before. How did God provide then and move in your life? It’s nice to have that reminder!
  • Find scripture as to why you’re not believing God’s truths – If you’re doubting something you know is God-breathed, then reset your thinking. Go to the Bible and find scripture that will combat the lies you have in your head. When you keep believing you’re not good enough, go look up verses where God tells you He loves and how special you are to Him. Squash out those lies.
  • Journaling – In a way, this can be like a prayer journal or even a conversation with God. Just pour out your heart. He’ll heart it.

I hope this tips help! I know when I heard them, I was so excited to start applying them to my life. It was nice to have something practical I could do. I like getting hands on with things and being able to apply it to my life.

If you’re going through a tough time, you’re not alone! I’d love to pray for you and listen! You’ve got this! 🙂

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