I wanna start this post off with an apology. I’m sorry I have been a little MIA lately. The truth is, I have been a little exhausted. Running a full-time photography business while juggling a full-time preschool job and trying to keep up with everything else life throws my way can be a little crazy! I only blogged once last week. That never happens! I also second shot 2 times and was editing my own wedding from that week too!

At times, it can be challenging when you have 2 full-time jobs. Some days you just have to pick and choose what gets done. I feel like I’m riding the struggle bus way too often haha. I tell myself way too many times, “Oh, I’ll just do laundry tomorrow.” Then I’ve run out of lady things and have to wear my bathing suit bottoms. haha. TMI?! Sorry. Just being real! 😉

No, this isn’t going to be a long post to complain and tell you how difficult my life is. The truth is: I love it. It’s crazy and hectic, but it’s mine. God has me in this season right now and I’m trying to make the most of it. That means some days I won’t get a blog post up because I decided to go to Barre the night before and was too tired to write. Other days you’ll see a wedding on the blog, but that usually means I didn’t get to sleep until 2 o’clock that morning. That’s just how things are right now. It won’t be like this forever, but I’m going to soak up this season for as long as God wants me to be in it.

I love blogging. It can be very therapeutic to me. I love connecting with everyone through my blog. I feel like you can get to know the person behind the screen a little bit more. But I also don’t want to throw up a crappy post that’s put together half-heartedly. I want to offer y’all quality over something that’s only done halfway. Ya know?

Seasons don’t last forever, though. Maybe one day there will be a time I won’t have to pick and choose. Wooo!!! It gives me chills to think of the day where I can do laundry, exercise, get 8 hours of sleep, blog, edit, and run business errands without having to pick and choose what gets done. It’ll be amazing when that day comes, but until then I need to work hard at whatever is in front of me.

“Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men [Colossians 3:23].”

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  • Nana is so proud o you girl ! ! ! Keep doing what you do as if for the Lord. Blessings will follow. Luv, Nana and Jergie

  • PREACH! I know that struggle all too well, friend. It is such a balancing act, but I love that verse you posted…it has gotten me through many a crazy week. Praying for you!

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