my sisters have been bugging me non-stop to post these pictures, so i figured it was about time. maybe now


my sisters have been bugging me non-stop to post these pictures, so i figured it was about time. maybe now they’ll be nice to me. 😛 this was a rare occasion for all four of us to be together in one weekend. i had just gotten back from georgia and we had the family together to celebrate my dad’s birthday/my cousin’s bridal shower! it was such a fun and special time because we had family visit from california and arizona! we hardly ever get to see them, so it was such a nice treat! i definitely tried to soak it up as much as i could! i wish they could have stayed longer! at least i’ll get to join them again in january for my cousin’s wedding! i cannot wait! 🙂 🙂 🙂

please don’t be disturbed by these pictures. we let our weirdness take over and just had fun. don’t judge! 😉

we’ll start out with some “normal” pictures! 🙂 2013-10-29_0022

close up! 😛


awww! they do like each other! 😛 2013-10-29_0024

oh scari ari! 2013-10-29_0025

group shot!2013-10-29_0026

channeling miley cyrus! 2013-10-29_0027

oh ariel! 2013-10-29_0028

lots of peace up in here! 2013-10-29_0029

my dad and 3 of his sisters! 2013-10-29_00302013-10-29_00312013-10-29_0032A GHOST!

the ladies! 🙂 2013-10-29_0034

so we’re really mean and poking fun at my dad! 😉 2013-10-29_00352013-10-29_00362013-10-29_0037

my aunt sylvia and uncle bob! 2013-10-29_0038

me and the boyfriend! 2013-10-29_0040

crazy sisters!2013-10-29_00412013-10-29_0042

hehe love that silly face!2013-10-29_00432013-10-29_00442013-10-29_00452013-10-29_0046


again with the peace sign. that one’s courtesy of ariel. 2013-10-29_0048

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  • Oh I love this. I enjoyed you girls soooo much. I know u guys don’t know me well, but u are all still very precious young ladies to me. It was a great day despite the rain and glad u all got to come and celebrate your Dad whom I love so dearly. Thanks Ashley-u made my day with this blog!

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