We Bought a House

If you follow me on Social Media, then you are already well aware of the new adventure Justin and I are on! As of Monday, we’ve been homeowners for ONE WEEK!!! AHHHH!!! What is my life?! I actually got excited about buying a doormat the other day! Who am I?! haha.

We Bought a Home

When we got engaged, we decided we wanted to start looking into buying a home. Justin has been renting an apartment and wanted somewhere more permanent to live. We figured we’d start the process now in hopes of having a place of our own to live once we got married.

We Bought a Home

We started looking for homes the last week of September (aka the week of my triple header). We looked at houses 2 different days with our realtor. We looked at 12 houses or more. Some were great, but the location was wrong. Some had the perfect location, but the house wasn’t a fit.

By the end of the second day, our realtor took us to the final house. As we were driving out to it, Justin and I were pretty excited about the location she was leading us to. It was far enough “in the sticks” for Justin to see the stars, but close enough to a Target for me! 😉 We arrived at the address and turned down a long driveway. There in front of us was the coziest blue ranch I’ve ever seen. When we walked inside, it made me love it even more. Yes, there was work to be done, but it was something I could easily see us making “ours.”

We Bought a Home

Once we told our realtor we were on board, everything went by so fast. And OF COURSE everything was happening during my fall wedding season with 7 back-to-back weddings in 5 weeks and Justin’s training at work. We just thought life was too boring and wanted to add “buying a house” into the mix. Ya know, the usual! 😉

We Bought a Home

It all happened in a little over a month. We closed on our house last week, signed a million different papers, dealt with plenty of headaches, almost went crazy, yet here we are. And we still love each other! 😉

Right now, Justin will be living there with 2 other roommates until we get married. In the meantime, we’re working on the house and trying to make it our home.

We Bought a Home

Here are 5 things I’ve learned along the way: 

– owning a small business and buying a house is pretty painful process

– buying a house during your busiest wedding season is not recommended

– hardware stores will become your best friend

– HGTV will be your new favorite channel

– simple things, like buying a doormat, put the biggest smile on your face 🙂

Thanks for following our adventures! Be sure to check out my Instagram for more updates! I’ll also be posting some before/after blogs too! 

We’re off to get ready for our engagement photos! Happy Wednesday, friends! 🙂


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