Weekend Recap

I’m just going to start off with saying sorry that I’ve been a little inconsistent with my weekend updates. I always feel a little hesitant sharing about my weekends (especially if they’re less than exciting). I get too much in my head and wonder if you guys really like reading these posts.Then I convince myself to skip it and wait until I have something better to blog.

To be honest, I’ve been convincing myself of a lot of things lately that I probably shouldn’t. I’ll share more about that soon! But for now, I hope you’ll enjoy a quick weekend recap from yours truly! 🙂

Here’s the rundown:

– Friday, I got to see Jurassic World! Woohoo!!! The original movie scared me so much when I was little. I had nightmares for months. I’m so glad I got over that fear, because who doesn’t love a good dinosaur flick? If you’re a fan of the first ones, you definitely need to see this one. Plus, two words: Chris Pratt. 😉

– Saturday I got to shoot alongside some amazing ladies at the Doverhall Estate. So glad Ashley Duke of Faith Photography asked me to come along! I also got to work with Ashley Lester. So yes, we were Ashley cubed, the A team, and the Ashleys all evening. It was awesome! 🙂

– I picked up a late-night snack from Wendy’s for me and Alexi after the wedding. She has a new job as a waitress at a country club so she got home late too. I thought fries and a frosty were going to be a great idea. The truth? It was terrible. My body hated me all night.

– I took a 3+ hour nap yesterday and it was glorious. I wish I could do that more often!

– Mine and Alexi’s show this summer is Gossip Girl. Don’t judge! And we finally finished season 1 while I was cleaning my room! Win/win! Any GG fans out there? We’re so lame, we keep narrating our lives like, “A was spotted shopping for sunglasses at Target. Those glasses may cover up their bags, but they don’t hide everything.” Bahahaha. Yes we’re lame. Don’t be jealous! 😉

– Preschool life has been a little cray lately. Between graduation and Father’s Day prep, it’s been non-stop action there! So excited for things to slow down a bit. I was extremely proud of all my kiddos this week! They’re gonna do great things!

Welp, that’s what’s up. How have you been? Fill me in on your life! Tell me, if you saw Jurassic World and what you thought!

I hope your week is filled with sunshine! 🙂

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  • Al and I went to see Jurassic World Friday night with our friends Mike and Shana. Holy moly, it was awesome! Al said it was dino-mite, haha! It was more frightening to me than I expected, but it was awesome. Hoping to go see it again!

    As for me and life, here’s my rundown: 1) Wedding planning is going great, loving it, less than five months to go now 2) House hunting with Al has been so much fun, hoping to narrow it down soon 3) Excited for seeing friends – Kings Dominion in July with two Longwood couples, hoping my friend Lyndsey can come into town for one of my bridal showers in August, visiting one of my friends in September for a Kelly Clarkson concert 4) Blogging up a storm, loving it, excited for plans in the works for a new novel in November and a personal piece that’s been in my brain for 5+ years!

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