Month: August 2012

t.g.i.f. | photography

whew! this week has been another marathon run! but praise the Lord it is almost over. don’t get me wrong, i am SO THANKFUL for my job and all my kiddies there. it’s just been the end-of-summer-slump and they’re BORED. they’re ready for school to start and listening has not been their forte. with my […]

a new addition | photography

ain’t he purddddyyy??? i am so blessed and happy to have this new cutie added to my family! photographers’ equipment is always growing and changing. it’s hard to stay updated because this profession is less-than-cheap. however, every now and then a deal comes along and you can’t ignore it! a fellow photographer was selling their […]

rainy days | personal

what do you like to do on rainy days? on saturday, it was like a monsoon outside. some areas were flooded and there were torrential downpours throughout the area. i’m thankful that i didn’t have anywhere to be (except a photo shoot that had to be rescheduled) and could stay cuddled up under a blanket […]

crazy camera lady | personal

you heard me. i’ve decided to be the crazy, camera lady instead of the crazy, cat lady. i’ll be living in a house filled with all kinds of cameras with a lot of history behind them. this might be better than the alternative, a house filled with fur-balling cats. i don’t know. i might just […]

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