Month: September 2012

craziness | mid-week montage

whew. it’s only wednesday and boy am i already feeling the weight of this week. the kids were cray-cray at school yesterday (must be a full moon). i still love them to the moon and back, but would it kill them to not chase each other with pointy mulch? haha. let’s hope today goes better. […]

the first | the mid-week montage

what i’ve learned in the world of blogging is that consistency is key. i’ve tried a couple of series before (preschool diaries, thursday thirteen, and how-to tuesday). i’m still planning on doing them every now and then, but i want something steady. something permanent for now. something that can give my readers a consistent update […]

sunshine | personal

“happy girls are the prettiest girls!” – audrey hepburn i had the pleasure of getting to spend my saturday with these two lovely chickadees!!! i’m so blessed to have met these two and so thankful to get to have a “girls’ day out” with them. to start off our day we went to sweet frog […]

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