Month: November 2012

nostalgia | personal

this is the group that went to the bowery. my heart misses this place almost every day. ♥ i’ve been thinking about them often. little moments here and there will trigger those memories and take me back to that life-changing time. in december of 2010, something happened that changed my life. forever. i went with a group […]

another week | mid-week montage

what happened: saw argo. pretty good movie. i would definitely recommend checking it out. REALLY intense! if you haven’t noticed, i’m a total movie buff. have you seen any good movies that you’d like to recommend? went to my church’s fall festival! brought along one of my favorite 5-year-old sweeties! made it even more fun! […]

the gut laugh | personal

you know that kind of laugh? the one where you are laughing so hard you cannot even breathe. when you are crying from laughing so hard. where you side hurts and you start to get a cramp from laughing so much. yeah, i had THAT laugh this weekend. i was goofing off in the kitchen […]

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