Month: January 2013

ballerina beauty | photography

remember that random day of almost 70 degree weather about a week ago? that day was good for my soul. and by good, i mean, absolutely vital for my existence. i’m not trying to overreact here, just being honest. for me, the winter nearly sucks the life out of me. i love a good rainy day […]

manic life | personal

okay. so not only is my monday going to be manic, my whole WEEK can earn that title. i have a LOT on my plate this week and feel completely overwhelmed just thinking about it. nothing is bad, though, all good. just a lot of responsibility, but i know i can handle it. if ya […]

my journey | in my shoes

i’ve been on this business journey for almost a year (in april, YAYYYY!!!). i’ve been caught up in this whole photography adventure for this past couple of years. through it all, i have learned so much and yet still have so much more to learn! it’s beautiful! i love how this industry is always growing […]

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