Month: January 2013

peace in the storm | personal

  the winds are howling outside my window and i am terrified. i am utterly afraid of storms. when did this fear start? not exactly sure. i always remember being afraid of storms. when i was little, i was afraid of losing power and not being able to watch tv. now, i get scared of […]

be a cheerleader | personal

first off, i would like to admit that i have no idea what direction this post is going in. i have just decided i wanted to write and go where my thoughts take me. hopefully they don’t get me in trouble. that would stink.;) whenever i think of what to write, i always want it to […]

what’s in a name | personal

so this post isn’t as lame as it might look haha, or at least i hope it’s not. i have been wanting to explain the meaning of my business name. some of you may already know and are like, “geez, ashley, can’t you come up with something better to write about?” haha. well, maybe that’s […]

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