Month: April 2013

sneak a peek | photography

man oh man. this weekend went by way too fast. why do they always do that to us? haha. it’s just unacceptable. right when you get used to relaxing, BAM! the weekend is over and it’s back to the workflow. boooooo. i need a mini-vacation to catch up on sleep and cleaning haha. my car […]

throwback | personal

i was at my dad’s this past sunday and got all nostalgic for some reason. i went and searched for some of our old photo albums and came across these gems. i know i may be biased, but we sure were some cute kiddies! 😉 also, sorry for the crappy photo of a photo pictures. […]

24 | personal

special thanks to annamarie akins for taking my awesome headshots! and thanks so much to meghan for making my hair look awesome and making me feel like a rockstar!!! 🙂 today marks the first day of my 24th year. hey now! when did this happen? i’m not still 18?! what is this mess? seriously, almost […]

busy busy | personal

this week has been a whirlwind. a beautiful whirlwind for the most part, though. last friday we had off work for good friday. my beautiful friends, carly and sara came to visit and we had such a great day! we went shopping, got our nails done, and just caught up on each others’ lives! i […]

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